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The Complete Book of Home Organization

Have you ever wished you had the time and tools to organize your house in a clutter-free, design-conscious, Pinterest-worthy way? From storage solutions and cleaning tips to secret space-saving methods and expert strategies, The Complete Book of Home Organization is packed with the tips and shortcuts you need to effectively organize your home.

From small spaces and apartment solutions to how to tackle a big, messy home with a 15-week total home organization challenge, this book covers it all. The Complete Book of Home Organization spells out everything you need to de-clutter your house, store your belongings, and keep your home—and life—in tip-top shape. With high-quality design, intricate detail, and a durable, wipe-clean flexicover with metallic corner-guards—this manual is the perfect gift!

Organize the 30 main spaces of your home, including the living and dining spaces, bedrooms and bathrooms, guest areas, baby and kids’ rooms, utility spaces and garages, entryways and offices, patios and decks, closets and pet areas! Keep track of your pantry, holiday and craft supplies, weekly menu planning, keepsakes, and schedules. From the basement to the attic, this book covers every nook and cranny.

With step-by-step instructions, detailed illustrations, and handy checklists, say goodbye to a messy home and wasted storage space!

Tip 2: Divide the Kitchen Into Zones
The kitchen functions at its best when it’s set up in zones. There are five main zones: cooking, preparation, cleaning, storage, and food. Everything in your kitchen should fit into one of these five categories. If you have an item that doesn’t fit, it may not belong in the kitchen.
A. COOKING Your cooking space should include spices, oils and vinegars, cooking utensils, pots and pans, pot holders, trivets, and other tools.
B. CLEANING All things related to cleaning your kitchen should be in this zone, which is typically centered around the dishwasher and kitchen sink. Categories include kitchen cleaners, under the sink items (sponges, paper towels, microfiber cloths, trash bags, dishwasher detergent), recycling bins, and trash cans.
C. PREPARATION Everything needed to prep meals goes in the preparation zone. Items might include mixing bowls, knives, cutting boards, kitchen gadgets, blender, and other appliances. Specific areas will form within this zone, like the baking and school lunch stations
D. STORAGE Items in the storage zone include food containers, silverware, dishes, glasses, and small appliances.
E. FOOD The pantry is considered the food zone. If you don’t have a pantry, designate a few cupboards or a standing cabinet in which to store food items.

"Her [Toni Hammersley] book dives into minutiae, from cataloging DVDs to separating Tupperware lids from bases for better storage. Lots of photographs and illustrations offer visual references, because we all need goals

– The New York Post

"Not only is it beautifully photographed, but it is also super useful. It is organized into three parts: Kitchen and Dining, Living and Storage, and Working and Outdoor. The author realizes that we all want to have an organized home, but that life sometimes gets in the way so she shares quick tips, big plans for when you have more time, and lists to get everything done, which we love."

– Westchester Magazine

"If you haven’t already, you need to add The Complete Book of Home Organization to your must-read list...In all honesty, I love this book. The projects in it are very inspiring and I’ve come up with a lot of ideas for my home based off pages of this book."

– Modern Day Moms

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