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The Book of Knowing

Know How You Think, Change How You Feel

A little book for big feelings.

Informative and accessible, The Book of Knowing is a friendly, therapeutic guide for teens to understand and control their feelings. In 2015, clinical psychologist Gwendoline Smith began a Tumblr blog under the pseudonym Dr. Know. Her Gen Z-friendly approach to CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) resonated, and the idea for this book was born.

With lively art, tangible advice, and immersive activities, this book is a handy guide for dealing with big feelings that provides humor, kindness, and manageable strategies for issues that can sometimes feel out of our control.  

"The Book of Knowing gives you the tools to challenge your negative thinking, especially the type of thinking that leads to full on melt downs. So if you are someone who struggles with negative thinking on a daily basis, then this is the book for you!"