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The Bad Luck Day

Book #11 of Daisy Dreamer
Illustrated by Genevieve Santos



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About The Book

Every kid in the world has had a Bad Luck Day, but Daisy Dreamer’s might be the unluckiest Bad Luck Day ever in this eleventh chapter book in the series.

It started with a broken mirror. Daisy Dreamer should have been more careful, but accidents happen. But one broken mirror leads to an outrageous day for Daisy and her imaginary friend, Posey. Now there’s a black cat following them everywhere, ladders to walk under around every corner, and a mischievous mirror version of Posey named Yesop has appeared, and he thinks bad luck is the best thing in the world! It’s up to Daisy and her dreamy outlook to save everyone from the Bad Luck Day.

With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, the Daisy Dreamer chapter books are perfect for emerging readers.


Chapter 1: The Sticky Octopus Chapter OneThe Sticky Octopus



I, Daisy Dreamer, am hopping around like a bouncy kangaroo. That is how I pull my leggings on for school. Obviously. I also like to stretch my waistband out like a kangaroo pouch. Then I let it go. Thwack! As I hippity-hop, I spy a purple blob behind my nightstand. I reach down and grab it!

It’s my super-sticky octopus wall walker! It’s been missing for ages. I got it at a birthday party a long time ago. I squish it in my fist and it smooshes out the sides. Then I hurl it against the wall and watch it crawl to the floor. It looks totally alive!

I run over and grab it and throw it again. And again! Then something crazy, but not totally crazy for me, happens. A door in my wall opens, and my imaginary friend, Posey, pops out.

“Hi, Daisy!” he cheers.

Posey surprises me right in the middle of winding up to throw, and the wall walker slips out of my hand.

Ka-blammo! The squishy, sticky octopus flies into my desk calendar and knocks it onto the floor.

“Oh no, Daisy!” I shout. I always say “Oh no, Daisy” when I knock things over.

Posey laughs and runs over to grab my wall walker. I run after him and pick my calendar up off the floor.

Then I notice the date. “Uh-oh! Today is FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH!”

Posey wrinkles his furry forehead and says, “So?”

I set the calendar back on my desk. “Don’t you know that Friday the thirteenth is a very unlucky day?”

Posey stares at me blankly.

“What does ‘unlucky’ mean?” he asks.

I try not to roll my eyes. How could Posey not know the meaning of ‘unlucky’? I give him some examples.

“Unlucky is when you pop a bubble and the bubble gum gets stuck in your hair, or when your ice cream falls off your cone and lands in the dirt.”

He still looks confused, so I tell him unlucky is the opposite of lucky.

Posey shakes his head.

“I do not like the sound of unlucky,” he says. “I’m going to stick with plain old lucky—just like this octopus sticks to the wall.”

Posey chucks my wall walker as hard as he can. SMACK! It hits my full-length mirror… and my mirror cracks!

About The Author

Holly Anna has always had a wild imagination. When she was little, she used to doodle drawings that would transport herself and her friends to a wonderful world of make-believe. Now she visits other worlds through writing. Holly lives in San Jose, California, with her family. They have four cats: Rocket J. Squirrel, Le Mew, The Honest John Wookenchops a.k.a. “Wookie”, and Noel.

About The Illustrator

Photograph by Mark J. Sebastian

Genevieve Santos is an illustrator born, raised, and living in San Jose, California, and sole proprietor of a small stationery company, Le Petit Elefant. Wanderlust got the best of her, so she traveled to thirty-one countries before turning thirty, sometimes backpacking, sometimes by camper van, sometimes on her own, but always with a sketchbook. Her love for animation started at a young age and is what drives her to draw the slightest observations. She also has an insatiable weakness for ice cream.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Little Simon (November 26, 2019)
  • Length: 128 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781534442658
  • Grades: K - 4
  • Ages: 5 - 9

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