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The Aura-Soma Sourcebook

Color Therapy for the Soul

Published by Healing Arts Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster



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About The Book

A complete guide to the practice of Aura-Soma color therapy

• Includes illustrated descriptions of all 104 Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles

• Shows how colors reveal our connection to the living energies around us and our possibilities for growth in consciousness

• Explores the 30 related fragrances that protect the aura and align the individual with specific energies

Aura-Soma is an innovative approach to soul therapy that relies on bottles of dual-colored liquids, known as Equilibrium bottles, that incorporate plant extracts, essential oils, and the energies and extracts of precious and semiprecious stones. The energetic properties found in the liquids interact with the individual’s aura to help support balance in the body, mind, and spirit.

In The Aura-Soma Sourcebook authors Mike Booth and Carol McKnight detail the origins, holistic understanding, and consciousness-mirroring effects of each of the 104 equilibrium combinations. The practice of Aura-Soma is initially based on a person’s selection of four Equilibrium bottles. The choice of bottles and the sequence in which they are chosen provide keys to understanding past difficulties and mirror the need and potential for growth in one’s consciousness. The book includes full-color spreads that juxtapose the colors of the bottle with dramatic photographs that depict the energetic essence of each bottle and that evoke the healing energy of the natural environment. The authors also explain where to apply the essences, which chakra in the subtle anatomy will be affected, and what areas of personal growth can be addressed.


Understanding colors is a two-way unfolding. Learning about the color combinations of the Equilibrium bottles is a personal journey; it is also tapping into universal consciousness and information. As we perceive our own color codes, we embody our colors and are able to spread our wings. We can discard conditioned patterns that we have outgrown, recycling them as compost for the next stage of our development. We can awaken to the brilliant jewels that we are as a part of universal consciousness. The heart of self reflects the heart and potential of the whole. Please enjoy yourself as you look through this book, and allow yourself the opportunity for a journey of self-exploration into the world of color.

The Individual Bottles

Equilibrium connotes a sense of movement rather than stasis, a living dynamic. The middle pillar of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is called the “pillar of equilibrium,” reconciling and balancing the energies of the pillar of force and the pillar of form, the masculine and the feminine pillars of the tree. The bottle descriptions that follow refine the color relationships within each Equilibrium bottle rather than concentrating on the meaning of the colors as they exist independently of each other. It is the precise color combination that works to restore clarity to a related chakra or otherwise nurture growth.

B3 -- Blue/Green

Name of the Bottle: Heart/Atlantean
Shakes Together As: Turquoise
Tarot Card: The Empress
Keynote: Creative communication especially in relation to the earth, the earth’s grid and magnetic structure.

Extended Keynote: The feeling side of the being; the whole of the emotional side of life. Peace in the conscious mind brings the opportunity to reveal the space within the depths of ourselves. If we have made space within the depths of ourselves, there is more of an opportunity to consciously realize peace. To be in touch with the communication of the heart. B3 is the heart chakra bottle and part of the Rescue set.

Popularly, the Atlantean myth is of a pre-Egyptian civilization with an advanced technology, based on silica and crystals, which provided a plentiful power source.1 The Atlantean era is considered by many as an important age in human development, during which more time was devoted to healing, meditation, and the development of consciousness. Color, light, and crystals played a large part in the development of these processes. Atlantis itself is also a symbol; a landmass that came out of the sea and which was the basis for a harmonious civilization.

Turquoise is associated with Atlantis. Blue and green of B3 creates turquoise when shaken together. It is the turquoise of the sea of the collective consciousness, or of the subconscious or unconscious mind from which, mythically, Atlantis came and into which it disappeared. This bottle depicts the green land mass surrounded by the sea.

In Atlantis we have a connection with water. We could say that the emotions, which are associated with the Heart bottle, lie within the watery part of the body/being. The heart center is also known as the fourth chakra. Thus, this bottle would be applied across the entire chest area in a wide band, which starts at the collarbone, goes to the lowest rib, and includes covering the spinal column around the back.

This bottle further represents a transition into the fourth dimension, which concerns our relationship with time. This is not the linear sense of time, but rather the ability to be present within the self, to be more aware. When we let go of the past and come into the present, we become more heartfelt, more Atlantean. The hidden fears (the yellow hidden in the green) could also be part of the negative legacy of the control mechanisms used in Atlantis.2 These fears need to be overcome so that humanity may evolve upon this planet during the time we are now facing. If we are able to let go of our fears then we may also be able to be more responsible in relation to the being of the earth.

The turquoise created by the blue and green suggests creativity. Creativity can act as a release, so that what lies within us can be brought forward. The heart is where creativity can find its expression in the world. To give to creativity is to give space within the heart. When we find peace, we can make the decision to make room for what we need to do. In addition, the blue/green offers us the possibility to become more peaceful in relation to being upon the earth, within physicality. It is through this possibility that we gain the opportunity of becoming more individual (a turquoise concept) and more grounded, as the green emerges from the ocean of peace.

This bottle may help establish contact with Atlantean incarnational experiences.

B3 can be effective in animal healing, wherever the ailment. It is of particular use to people who deal with animals professionally or privately. Individuals choosing this bottle in the first, third, or fourth position may gain great benefit from physical, practical work.

This bottle may indicate a person who can express their feelings (green) and communicate them peacefully (blue), a decision maker with a love of nature, or someone who is in a position to offer new opportunities to others. When used to reveal issues, the green in the base suggests discomfort with the emotional side of life, a denial of feelings and difficulties in communicating one’s feelings (B3 shakes to turquoise). Other challenges concern making space to do what one needs and with making decisions. There may be difficulties with a lack of nurturing from mother or father (see also B2).

About The Author

Mike Booth is the principal of the Art and Science International Academy of Colour Technologies and chairman of Aura-Soma Products Ltd., having studied and practiced Aura-Soma for more than twenty years, seven of which were caring for and working with Aura-Soma’s founder, Vicky Wall. He lives in England and teaches Aura-Soma throughout the world.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Healing Arts Press (June 27, 2006)
  • Length: 304 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781594770777

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Raves and Reviews

"This book is of an epic scale, and the attention to detail alone is astounding."

– Marie Black, LAYoga, Oct 2006

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