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The Abundance Project

40 Days to More Wealth, Health, Love, and Happiness

About The Book

From the author of the acclaimed book Emergence comes a step-by-step guide to design and create abundance in any area of life, including money, time, love, creativity, and more.

The Abundance Project is about having more than enough in every area of your life—more than enough money, time, love, creativity, happiness—regardless of the circumstances you’ve been through or are currently facing. This may sound like wishful thinking, but once you understand what you’re really made of, and what the source of real abundance is, you will increase your capacity and unleash your divine inheritance.

Built on universal, proven principles, The Abundance Project breaks you out of the unsustainable buying/consuming loop created by the mindset that fulfillment comes from outside ourselves. Instead, Derek Rydall—international life coach and integrative therapist—shows you that the infinite-sum reserve that’s already in you will provide all that you need.

Rydall teaches the laws of giving and circulation that will release the channels of abundance-creating energy in your life through his Seven Gifts that Give You Everything; he will help you identify Abundance Blind Spots and Shadows that get in the way; and he walks you through the step-by-step Abundance Boot Camp so you can design and master the life you’ve envisioned. The Abundance Project is a way of living that turns life from transactional to transformational.

About The Author

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Derek Rydall is a bestselling author, prominent life coach, consultant for Emmy and Academy Award winners, Fortune 500 executives, and leaders in business, spirituality, and the healing arts. He is an active speaker, bringing his unique brand of inspiration to audiences around the world, and he writes for the Huffington Post and Spirituality & Health, among others. You can learn more about Derek and his work at

Product Details

  • Publisher: Atria Books/Beyond Words (February 20, 2018)
  • Length: 288 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781582706528

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Raves and Reviews

“Creating a life of real abundance isn’t accidental or only available to the lucky few. As Derek Rydall shows in this book, you can create a life where you have more than enough of everything you need when you understand and apply certain principles and practices. In The Abundance Project, you will find a simple and fun step-by-step way to release your fear and baggage around abundance and begin living the life you were born for!”

– Marci Shimoff, New York Times Bestselling author of Happy for No Reason, Love For No Reason, and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul.

“The moment I first interviewed Derek, I knew I had met a teacher who truly lived his teaching. He stood out amongst the hundreds of speakers, authors and transformational icons I hosted on my show as not only brilliant, but also honest and authentic. In The Abundance Project he shows us how we too can live a congruent life. He doesn’t promise it will be easy but that’s part of why you want to listen to what he has to say. There’s no hype here—only Truth. And it’s shared in a way that you don’t have to wait to get results. Read Derek’s book and you can start living the Abundance Principle in all areas of your life not someday, but now.”

– Debra Poneman, bestselling author, founder of Yes to Success, Inc. and co-founder of Your Year of Miracles, LLC.

“Derek Rydall lays out spiritual truths that will help you transcend your limited beliefs, tap into your true power, and fulfill your higher purpose!”

– Mark Harris, producer of Crash (Academy Award for Best Picture).

“Derek Rydall’s work is invaluable for any creative soul who wants to channel material the world is waiting for!”

– Dee Wallace, actress (E.T., Cujo), healer, author, and teacher.

“As a professional writer, I consider Derek’s work one of the most valuable resources I have. It has been invaluable in helping me grow personally and believe in the possibility of what I create truly having a higher purpose.”

– Erik Bork, 2-time Emmy Award-winning writer-producer of Band of Brothers and From Here to the Moon.

“We’ve been conducting business and creating under false assumptions. Derek challenges us to open up to a fresh worldview where we can work from our true nature: whole, abundant.”

– Lindsay Crouse, Oscar-nominated actress (The Insider, The Verdict, and Places in the Heart).

“I was on the verge of bankruptcy, about to lose my home and my company. Derek’s work helped me see and feel that I had everything—and within 14 days, I had a new job, new customers and a lot of work from existing customers. My banker hardly believed his eyes when he looked at my balance sheet!”

– Lars Rasmussen, Denmark

“My income went from barely making it to earning $8,500 in one month! That’s more than I have ever experienced in my life! Thank you Derek for being my teacher, guide, and coach! I can hardly wait for my next ‘breakthrough’!”

– Terrie Marie, the Angel Lady

“When I found Derek’s work, I was on the verge of losing my house. Last month, I made more money in one week than I make in a month. Derek is a true Master. He has the ability to get to the heart of any issue in a short time, then give us exactly what we need to continue the momentum of the breakthrough.”

– Kim Marino

“I was homeless and desperate, taking 20-30 prescriptions. Now I’m in my own apartment, I’m engaged, and my prescriptions have dwindled down to two pills a day, which are also disappearing. I am now a testimony to the very re-programming that Derek is sharing. God Bless!”

– Jennifer, Boise

“One of my goals when I started Derek’s work was to ‘sell some property’. I hadn’t managed to do so thus far, but today WE JUST CLOSED A DEAL FOR 3 PARCELS. The intent is to be completely out of debt by the end of the year, and we’re nearly there! So jazzed! Thank you!”

– Susan Barrow

“I am on my third money wealth module. Derek, please hear this, I have been a counselor for twenty years. I have worked with many people. Your work is the first I can say is truly coming from greatness, wealth, abundance and love. I feel it every time I do another piece of this. Thank you, thank you!”

– Judi Larson

“Derek, thank you so much! I am now experiencing a life of happiness and joy from within. My health has transformed from problems in my kidney to great kidney function, I have a great career, and my bosses love me! From being a person who felt like nothing, I now love my life and have deep gratitude and appreciation!”

– Efrat, Israel

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