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Book Three of the Chronicles of the Nubian Underworld



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About The Book

In this third installment of the trilogy revolving around an African American Dominant couple, Ramesses and Neferterri, and their submissives, you’ll get a glimpse of Atlanta’s Fetish/BDSM community from a true insider and active practitioner, author Shakir Rashaan.

The opening of the latest addition to the Kemet-Ka empire, the Isle ne Bin-bener—the Island of Evil Pleasures—comes with all of the extravagant amenities and devices that anyone with an appetite for exquisite pleasure can imagine.

As Ramesses and Neferterri welcome the resort guests to the island, the first night promises to be filled with debauchery and unique experiences that push the envelope of sexual discovery. Each locale reveals an exciting revelation, culminating in a fetish rendition of the legendary Night of a Thousand Lashes.

Despite the indulgences, no one could possibly see the storm on the horizon.

In Tempest, Shakir Rashaan delivers an explosive tale unlike any other in the series, where temptations arise, loyalties are tested, and the seduction of both the Lord and Lady of the House of Kemet-Ka threaten to tear apart a union that no one ever thought could be torn asunder.


“Oh, fuck, that feels sooooo good!!”

It’s amazing what paradise can do to loosen inhibitions and bring out the animalistic nature of a person.

In this case, make it a lot of persons.

Taking in the island debauchery in its myriad forms and splendor, I struggled to keep from participating in the festivities. With shamise perched at my hip stealing glances up at me, I felt her heat rising to the surface. Her eyes had always been my weakness, so returning the glances only served to intensify my want to take her into the midst of the crowd and have my way with her. I gripped her hair in an attempt to balance myself, more so to keep my mind into what our role was in this, the opening night of a week-long Hedonistic atmosphere.

Listening to the screams as they collectively pierced the warm night air awakened my inner Sadist. shamise knew my mannerisms all too well, and like a kitten begging to be stroked, she rubbed her hands against the inside of my thigh to edge me further into the abyss of my libidinous nature.

“Come on, Daddy, take me, please?” she cooed from her kneeled position. “I’m Yours, at Your command, for Your pleasure. Make me beg for Your lashes, to mark me in ways no other man can. Please, Daddy?”

As much as I loved my darling slave, she knew she wasn’t going to win this exchange. My command was her will, but I dictated when that command would come to fruition. I needed to reclaim my senses, and the only way to do it was to meet the challenge head-on.

“Come with me, precious, we need to survey the landscape and observe what is happening.” I tapped her shoulder as I commanded. “There will be plenty of time to partake in the play time, I promise.”

Before she could pout in protest, I brought her to her feet and led her to the first scenes we walked toward.

Master Osiris was still in the midst of his scene with his slave, taking advantage of the gentle breezes to continue his fire scene. He alternated using the fire wands with his adept ability to breathe fire onto his slave’s beautiful cocoa brown skin. She continued to writhe and grind her hips in rhythm with the way the tongs licked at her flesh, trying her best to stifle the moans she was prohibited from allowing to escape from her lips.

Osiris continued his symbiotic link with her as he turned her body to face him. He placed a fire glove on his hand and set it ablaze, watching it dance against the darkness of the night sky. I saw the familiar flash in his eyes as I knew what would come next.

He moved the flame closer to her nipples, verbally forcing her to look into his eyes as she felt the flame caress her left nipple for a brief second. She bit her lip to keep from screaming from the heat against the most sensitive parts of her body.

shamise was entranced, watching one of her peers look completely lost in the bliss created by her Master. I grinned at her focus, at how she wanted badly for the same thing to happen to her as soon as possible. She moved closer to my body, trembling beneath my body.

“She looks like she’s really flying; isn’t she, precious?”

“Mmmmm, yes, Daddy, she looks absolutely radiant. Her skin is glowing from the heat of the fire on her skin.”

We noticed as Osiris took the alcohol solution in the basin next to them and drew a pattern with his finger from the top of her neck to her panty line. He then took a small Q-tip and lit the cotton head and placed the flame against the top of the pattern and waited for the flame to catch.

We stood in awe with the rest of the crowd as the pattern being drawn across the front of her body flashed a pattern that resembled Osiris’s house crest, which included the ever-present ankh that is the staple of those of us who are a part of the Neb’net Maa’kheru.

shamise flinched for a moment, as she had firsthand knowledge of the pain and pleasure that came at the end of the flame burning across her skin. I lifted her face to meet my gaze, grinning at the way her eyes sparkled against the flames glowing across from where we stood.

“It’s time to move to the next station, baby,” I whispered in her ear as to not disturb the scene. I took her hand and led her across the sand toward one of the tents nearer to the main buildings.

We ran into a few familiar faces, greeting guests the entire walk to the next area. shamise almost squealed when she recognized two people she hadn’t seen in a long while, and she ran toward them to hug.

“Candy! Jay! What are you two doing here?!?!” She hugged Candy as tightly as she could, kissing Jay on the cheek as I walked behind her. I placed my hand on shamise’s hip, giving my shotgun partner pound while kissing Candy on her cheek. “i thought you two were still in Atlanta?”

“Actually, we would have still been there, if your Daddy hadn’t have gone ahead and footed the bill.” Jay traded glances with me, letting the cat out of the bag, as it were. I didn’t want anyone knowing I was sponsoring anyone, but I knew shamise wouldn’t betray my trust. “We’ve been keeping a low profile for the past year, trying to heal from the craziness with Jasmine and the kidnapping, but things have never been stronger between us.”

“Yeah, it took me some time to get him to where I like him, but it was worth the effort,” Candy remarked, still staring in my direction. “You look good, Daddy; I was wondering if the good life was beginning to have its effect on you. Damn.”

I swear, that woman will always be good for my ego. I tried to hide the smile on my face, but there was no way I wouldn’t validate her compliment without a grin or something. Even though they were together, she’s still “Daddy’s girl.”

“Hey, hey, you’re supposed to only have eyes for me, remember?” Jay playfully slapped Candy’s ass for effect.

“And I do…except when he is around.” Candy laughed, provoking a giggle from shamise. “Whether you like it or not, there’s one man on this planet I will always drop everything to make sure he is okay, and you’re looking at him.”

Jay put his hands in the air in mock defeat. “Hey, I’m not mad at my boy. I know he’s got the swagger on this side of the fence; just remember who’s your Daddy when we’re at home and we’re good.”

I tried my best to remain as stone-faced as I could up until Jay’s last comment. My mind wondered if he realized who he was trying to convince, and I kept my other thoughts to myself. Sometimes, what a person doesn’t know won’t hurt them. In this case, Jay was better off staying on a need-to-know basis when it came to his girlfriend.

“You might wanna put a few karats on that finger before you start worrying about who’s calling who Daddy, playa.” I smirked when I played my trump card, shutting him down. “Until you put her on lockdown, she’s gonna act up. Trust me on that.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Jay rubbed the back of his head, trying to find the words that would get him out of the proverbial sticky situation. Candy folded her arms over her chest and gave him the side-eye as he struggled to find the words to make everything right. “I got that handled as soon as we get Stateside.”

“You better, or this next year won’t be as smooth as the past year,” Candy stated.

shamise couldn’t stop herself from giggling, and I gave a silent cue by tapping her on her hip, alerting her to calm down. I admit, it was funny to watch them argue like an old married couple, but I needed to have my submissive conduct herself accordingly, regardless of who was in our company.

“Anyway, if it pleases my Daddy, i would like to find some time to talk to you two. We have got to catch up sometime this week; i haven’t seen you guys since i came back home.” shamise turned her head and looked up at me to get permission. I nodded my head, bringing a smile to my baby girl’s face.

“Cool, we’re looking forward to it.” Jay wrapped his arm around Candy’s waist to pull her off in a separate direction. “We want to enjoy the island for a couple of days before we try to relax and sit down.”

“Consider that done, now go enjoy the island; we have other matters to attend to.” I walked in the direction I was in with shamise in tow as we waved goodbye to them. It was good to see Candy glowing again, and I took solace in the fact that Jay was the one taking good care of her. Call me selfish, and I had no problems being proud of that, but I took good care of the women in my life.

We walked along the torch-lit pathway, enjoying the couples who dined in the intimate tents that were placed near the paths. She kissed my neck and held my hand the entire walk, blushing every time I playfully smacked her ass or tugged on her bikini bottom while whispering nasty things in her ear. She relished in the attention, almost tuning out anyone that walked by us to engage in friendly conversation.

I’ll admit I enjoyed it, too. I enjoyed doing this type of thing with both girls and with my Beloved; it strengthened the bonds and connection I have with all three of them. I made a note to continue doing that once we got back home.

Once we got to our next destination, I slowly pulled the tarp back, leading shamise inside to bear witness to the change of scenery and stimulation overload she would soon experience.

What she saw took her breath away.

Along with the small crowd inside the large tent, shamise saw nearly a dozen slaves, regardless of gender, being subjected to what could be described as a modern-day kinky rendition of the legendary “Night of a Thousand Lashes” from the Arabian Nights collection of tales.

Be it by dragon tails, cat-o-nine tails, whips, and everything in between, the collective sounds of submissive and slave alike being whipped into oblivion by their Master or Dominant were like a symphony being played live at Carnegie Hall.

I slipped my arms around her waist, trying my best to bring her mind and body closer together into a wondrous mix of pleasure and pain. “You know why I’m torturing you; don’t you, baby girl?”

“Yes, Daddy, i know why.”

“Tell Me why.”

“You love torturing me, Daddy,” she purred. “You know how i react to being teased and tortured, and You love it.”

“That’s My good girl.” I kissed her cheek. “You also know I won’t torture you for too much longer; don’t you, baby girl?”

“No, Daddy, i know You won’t.” shamise couldn’t stop grinning as her focus shifted to a submissive being whipped by dragon tails. “i couldn’t imagine You torturing me to harm me, ever. Neither You nor my Goddess.”

“There’s one more thing I want you to see.” I took her hand and led her out of the tent. We walked toward the main building, greeting guests along the way. She soaked in the interactions, blushing at the compliments of her leading the dancers earlier and blushing more at the suggestive compliments on her attire.

Once we were inside the building, I led her upstairs to the bedroom areas so she could witness the coup de grace.

“What’s up here, Daddy? i thought only the family would be staying in the main building?” shamise inquired, a bewildered look spreading across her face. I smiled as the answer to my question came in the muffled sounds of her brother, groaning and moaning behind one of the bedroom doors.

shamise stopped in her tracks.

“What’s wrong, precious?”

“Is amani fucking my Goddess?”

I understood her hesitation.

Neferterri made it a habit of not having sex with our submissive bois in front of shamise and sajira. Her reasoning was simple: her girls should not see her in a position of submission, as it would mess with their training and psyche.

Not every Domina functioned the same way, and not every Domina would agree with her, either, but Neferterri was not any run-of-the-mill Domina.

Yeah, I was biased, sue me.

While I was well aware not to regress her training, or her sister’s training, for that matter, I also knew what my Beloved was up to. In fact, it was something I knew shamise would want to see. I was so certain of it that I didn’t bother answering her question and led her into the bedroom.

She looked as if she’d seen her favorite fantasy come true, and the smile across her lips couldn’t be held in even if she tried.

Her Goddess and her brother submissive were intensely engaged all right, but not in the conventional manner she originally dreaded.

amani was on all fours between Neferterri and sajira, taking his Goddess’s strap-on while orally servicing sajira. His arms were bound behind his back and he was in the “down dog” position, unable to move or much of anything else, honestly.

“Oh…my…God.” shamise gasped in awe of the scene playing out in front of her. She took particular notice of the whip marks and trails of blood on amani’s skin. She leaned against me to keep her balance. “He looks so…mmmm; damn, look at those cuts and marks.”

The next thing she felt were sharp, stinging sensations against her skin.

Her breath caught in her throat, but it didn’t stay there long. It might have had something to do with the fact that my fingers clasped around her neck to cut off her airway as I took the knife, concealed inside of the pendant around my neck, and began to cut across her chest.

sajira had been bound in chains with her legs spread wide and tied down to her arms. There was nothing for her to do but take whatever, or whoever, came her way, whether she wanted them to or not. Her eyes were shut tightly, her body convulsing with each orgasm that swept through her body.

The moans coming from amani and sajira combined with the nearly electric sensations of the blade cutting across her skin conspired to send her into the euphoric depths of her consciousness.

“Daddy…damn.” Her eyes fluttered as she struggled to keep her eyes open, torn between being a voyeur or giving in completely to what her body wanted. “Hurt me, please, i’m begging you.”

With my fingers still firmly clasped around her neck, I lifted her slightly enough so her feet barely touched the floor. I took the blade and sliced her hip, riding the blade along the curves like a Porsche on the Stelvio Pass.

“You better not come, pet,” I warned as I consistently pushed the buttons I knew would send her over the edge, and releasing the pressure to bring her back. “Not until I tell you to.”

She frantically nodded, refusing to speak to focus on the agonizing line between pain and pleasure she precariously tight-roped.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed my Beloved wearing our boi out, her nails gripping his ass to really get some work in. Watching sajira trying her best to keep from passing out from the consistent tongue action being performed on her by a skilled family member had me smiling wide. I didn’t stare too long because I didn’t want to cut my property too deeply, although she wouldn’t have cared either way now that she was in a fully enraptured flight.

“Goddess, he’s making me come again!” sajira screamed as her body quivered through another wave. “i can’t take any more, please, Goddess, please, i can’t—”

Neferterri was in a zone, ignoring our little one’s impassioned pleas for relent. She continued to tear into amani, pushing off her own release until there was no other choice. She finally noticed shamise and I were in the room with her, bringing an evil smile to her face.

“you’d better take care of us, bitch!” she growled, slapping his ass for good measure. “There’ll be hell to pay if you don’t!”

I kept shamise flying high, whispering all the things I planned to do once I let her down, grinning at the incoherent rebuttal she attempted to convey, her body shuddering with each swipe of the blade across every erogenous zone I committed to memory.

“Fuck, I’m coming!” I heard Neferterri yell as she pushed as hard as she could into amani, collapsing to the side of where he and sajira lay. A trembling hand reached for the quick release on the binds around amani’s arms, pulling them to free his arms. “Release your sister, amani.”

Realizing the focus would now be on us, I whispered in shamise’s ear, “It’s showtime, baby. It’s time to take you into the abyss.”

I dropped the blade to the floor so I could get a better grip where I knew it would cause the quickest explosion, my fingers plunging deep into her sex. It was only a matter of time before I would hear the sweet sounds of my baby’s waves crashing over her.

“Please, Daddy, I’m there, please, let me go!” shamise begged with what voice she had left straining against the pressure of my grip around her throat. “I’ve been a good girl, Daddy, please!”

I released my grip, waiting for the familiar tremors to announce themselves before she went into the throes of orgasmic bliss. I held her tightly across her chest, making sure she knew her flight and landing would be safe from harm.

“She looks so sensual when she’s flying, Goddess,” sajira commented as she watched her sister in my arms. “God, she’s so sexy when she comes.”

Neferterri’s eyes sought mine, recognizing the familiar devious gleam that made her swoon when she wanted me to take over. “Yes she is, and your Daddy seems to be in rare form, too, baby. There must have been some displays going on out on the island.”

I kept my focus on shamise, knowing her stay in the stratosphere could last but so long before I slowly, but surely, brought her back into her conscious state.

“shamise…precious…come back to Me,” I whispered in her ear. I lowered us to the love seat near the bed, as I felt her body take its toll on my grip. I laid her head on my chest to hear my heartbeat, ensuring she had a secured entry point when she awoke from her trip.

amani sat up from his spot on the bed, shifting his focus to the aftermath of not only what happened to him, but realizing that shamise and I were in the room. “Is shamise okay? How long was i out?”

Neferterri giggled as she kissed his forehead. “Not long, baby, but your takeoff was quick and powerful. You’re okay now. your Sir and sis came in as you were taking flight.”

shamise finally opened her eyes, suddenly looking up to find mine before scanning the rest of the room as though she’d seen it for the first time. She buried her face in my neck to hide her blushing cheeks.

“you’re okay, baby girl, there’s no one in here but family,” I reassured as I lifted her face to show what I told her was true.

“i felt like i was floating away.” shamise wiped the sweat from her forehead, sitting up while in my arms. She finally found sajira, who was smiling at her. Her hair was tousled and she tried her best to run her fingers through it to make herself look presentable.

“That’s because you were floating away, sis. If it weren’t for Daddy doing what He usually does, you’d still be out of it.” sajira giggled as she got up from the bed. “Sounds like another day in paradise to me.”

Yeah, it was definitely another day in paradise. I found myself wondering if the morning would be as wonderful as what the night had been. It was a safe bet that it would be hard to beat, that much was for certain.

“We need to get some sleep; there’s a lot to do in the next few hours.” I looked over at Neferterri, sharing a knowing grin between us, realizing the week had only begun.

About The Author

Credit: John Crooms Photography

Shakir Rashaan is the author of the bestselling Nubian Underworld series, as well as the Kink, P.I. series (Obsession, Deception, and Reckoning) and several anthology credits, including Zane Presents Z-Rated: Chocolate Flava 3. He currently resides in suburban Atlanta with his wife and two children. You can see more of Rashaan at

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  • Publisher: Strebor Books (December 9, 2014)
  • Length: 288 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781593095482

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