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Teen Astrology

The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Life Your Own

Published by Bindu Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Explains how astrology can help teens understand themselves and take charge of their lives.

• The teen market is the fastest-growing segment of the book-buying public.

• A perfect party book for teens everywhere.

• No previous knowledge of astrology is necessary.

• M. J. Abadie has published three previous bestsellers: Finding Love, Love Planets, and Child Astrology.

Why an astrology book just for teens? This is the ideal time for them to learn to understand their own inner dynamics and go after the life they really want. And astrology is simply the best tool available for gaining insight into oneself and one's relationships with other people.

Teen Astrology shows how the Sun represents outer personality, while the Moon reflects the inner self, and how to balance the two. Venus rules matters of the heart, while Mars rules energy and passion. Understanding the dynamics of these two planets can help teens safely navigate the turbulent waters of love. Understanding their Mercury placement will help teens discover their most natural ways of learning, thinking, and communicating. By comparing their chart to those of their parents teens can figure out how to bridge the generation gap and open up new lines of communication. Absolutely no previous knowledge of astrology is needed to use this book--it provides full explanations of all astrological influences and all the necessary tables for locating planetary placements of friends and family.


Chapter 4

The Dance of Romance:
The Venus/Mars Pair

As we all know, science began with the stars, and mankind discovered in them the dominants of the . . . "gods," as well as the curious psychological qualities of the Zodiac: a complete projected theory of human character.
Carl G. Jung

Venus: Your Love Nature

You've heard of her--Venus, the goddess of love. She was called Aphrodite in ancient Greece; the Romans renamed her. Although we tend to think of her as everything that is traditionally feminine--beauty, grace, charm, womanliness--everybody has Venus in their charts, males as well as females. As the romantic ideal, she has captured the imagination of artists and poets all over the world for centuries. There are literally hundreds of representations of Venus from all cultures. Ordinary people are also captivated by her mystery--that famous mystery of love. What is love? How does it happen? How do you know it's real? We all want to know.

Today we speak of "sex goddesses," meaning such charismatic beauties and sex symbols as Marilyn Monroe and all the other artificially blonde, perfectly shaped movie and TV stars. But Venus isn't to be captured so easily on celluloid or projected via satellite! Your Venus nature, no matter if you are a girl or a boy, is something deep within. It has little to do with the manufactured, cosmetic-enhanced, face-lifted, worked-out media images of what is supposed to be beautiful or sexy.

Venus represents your affections, shows you what you like and want, describes your social nature, and tells you what you value or hold most dear. How many times do you say you "love" a piece of jewelry or clothing or hamburgers or pizza? Obviously that's not love; it's what you like or value or want. You love your parents and other relatives (maybe, maybe
not), but when you think (or say) you love a person of the opposite (or same) sex, you are in very different territory. Venus is about relating to others in many different ways. Venus represents both whom you find attractive and whom you attract.

There are two ways Venus lets you know she is active. The first is that overwhelming, spontaneous attraction called love at first sight. It knocks you over. You didn't expect it, you didn't ask for it; now you have to cope with it. This is a dramatic introduction to the power of Venus.

The second is a gradual pull into a relationship. First you are drawn to someone as a pal or buddy, but the friendship needs time to ripen, like a peach on a tree. Trust must be built up and tested before a physical and emotional experience can happen.

However you experience the love goddess's energies, the more you know about them in your chart--and the other person's--the better you will handle this amazing life force, and the more likely you will be to establish happy romantic ties.

Venus through the Signs for Girls

Venus in Aries
You need constant excitement and new outlets for your love nature. Whatever is new and trendy turns you on-people as well as things. You like bright colors and lots of sound, and you have great energy for your many enthusiasms. You value people with active lives. You want a dynamic partner who can challenge you. When you're attracted to a guy, you go off like a rocket--you let him know you're interested.

Venus in Taurus
Your physical environment is important to you. It must be sensual, beautiful, and comfortable. You're loving and caring and crave intimacy. You like hugs and touching and want a partner who shows physical affection. You are attracted to a guy who is solid and dependable and who loves nature and good food. You can be possessive when attached, but you like to take it slow and easy before committing.

Venus in Gemini
You are a social butterfly and love to flirt with as many guys as will gather around. Talking is your thing, and you do it with vivacity. You like gossip and miscellaneous information in detail. For you, love is a game to play and you don't want to be tied down. The way to your heart is through your active mind. You want a guy to sweep you off your feet, but he's got to be interesting. When bored, you take off.

Venus in Cancer
You're an old-fashioned girl and not ashamed of it. You like hearts and flowers and want to be courted. You are super-sensitive and easily hurt. Your romantic nature is powerful, but you wear your heart on your sleeve. You need most of all to feel secure with a guy and know he'll be there. Even as a teen you are on the lookout for a solid partner who can provide for you and a family.

Venus in Leo
Your tastes are simple--you want only the best, grandest, most lavish! For you, love is a many-splendored thing. You want to be treated like a queen by a guy who acts like a king. You feel being adored is your right, and without constant praise you wilt. You're affectionate and want affection in return. Your life's a movie, and you're the star. You want a guy who can play the romantic lead opposite you.

Venus in Virgo
You're a bit shy around boys because you are looking for someone who is exactly right. You're picky about who and what you like. Relationships aren't easy for you because you want everything just right, and when it's not you fret and become upset. You want a guy who likes to be helpful, and he must be honest and true. Being alone doesn't bother you because you know how to wait for what you truly want.

About The Author

M. J. Abadie (1933-2006) was a professional astrologer and psychotherapist with a specialty in dream interpretation. She did archetypal research with mythologist Joseph Campbell for over 20 years and wrote numerous books on astrology, psychology, and spirituality. She authored the bestselling Love Planets and Teen Astrology, and her Everything Tarot Book was placed on a Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults list by the Young Adult Library Services Association.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Bindu Books (February 1, 2001)
  • Length: 320 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781594775871
  • Ages: 12 - 18

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Raves and Reviews

"Teen Astrology is a masterful manual encouraging youngsters to learn about themselves and accept . . . their uniqueness. Interspersed throughout the text are esoteric gems that provide a spiritual, holistic approach totally missing from the mainstream media. The general tone or writing style respects teens as curious, growing and intelligent."

– Chris Lorenz, Dell Horoscope, September 2001

"An exciting addition to the literature of astrology."

– Heidi Rain, Spirit of Change, May/June 2001

"Teen Astrology puts you in the driver's seat of your life. Written in plain, nontechnical English, Teen Astrology is not a simplified, watered-down astrology book. It's serious."

– CHP, Bodhi Tree Book Review, Winter 2001 / Spring 2002

"This book is an excellent course in astrology."

– Barbara Ardinger, The Blessed Bee, Winter 2001-02

"I have heard many different versions from many different astrologers, but I find your version from your book Teen Astrology to be the most effective, true and the easiest to learn, because you can relate to us and our needs and troubles. It is wonderful to have an adult to step out of the authority suit, and fully understand.

– NG, excerpted from a 15 year old girl's letter to the author, Winter 2002

"The discussion centers around how astrology can help teens cope with adolescence and the problems experienced by this age group."

– Linda Roberts, Voice of Youth Advocates, September 2002

"Teen Astrology is a decent introduction to an art and craft that, used well, can guide you throughout your life."

– Lauryl Stone, New Witch, Winter 2002

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