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Tao Tantric Arts for Women

Cultivating Sexual Energy, Love, and Spirit

Foreword by Mantak Chia
Published by Destiny Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Awaken sexual energy for radiant love and empowerment, healing of emotional trauma and chronic conditions, and celebration of each stage of a woman’s life

• Reveals how to channel sexual energy to experience the 3 kinds of female orgasm, clear trauma, and heal issues related to PMS, menopause, and libido

• Details how to perform breast self-massage, jade egg yoga, yoni articulation, and Universal Healing Tao work such as the Inner Smile and Ovarian Breathing

• Includes solo and partner practices for conscious energy exchange, intimacy building, unconditional love, and activating your multi-orgasmic potential

Through the Taoist tantric arts, women can experience the full flowering of their sexual energy. Rooted in Chinese energy medicine, Universal Healing Tao practices, and ancient Taoist traditions from the Yellow Emperor and his three female advisors, these practices honor and celebrate each stage of a woman’s life and allow women to awaken their genuine feminine sexuality--receptive, soft, sensitive, intuitive, and creative--rather than the masculine approach that focuses on strength, endurance, and control.

In this comprehensive guide to Taoist tantric arts for women, author Minke de Vos reveals how to channel natural sexual energy to evolve the Divine within and heal deep-rooted negative emotions and traumas related to sexuality. She explores techniques from the Universal Healing Tao system, such as the Inner Smile and Ovarian Breathing, to cleanse the uterus of negative emotions and fill your creative center with compassionate vibrations. She offers sexual energy practices to prevent chronic conditions like cancer, depression, and osteoporosis and heal issues related to PMS, menopause, and libido. She explains how to experience the three different kinds of female orgasm and provides detailed, illustrated instructions for exercises such as breast self-massage for emotional transformation and jade-egg yoni yoga to strengthen the pelvic floor and stimulate inner flexing and articulation. She offers evocative meditations to connect with the Goddess within and embrace the innate sexiness at each stage of life.

Including solo and partner practices for conscious energy exchange and intimacy building, Minke de Vos’s detailed guide to cultivating female sexual energy allows you to ease the passage through the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause; harmonize your relationships; and merge your inner male and female energies into wholeness.


Chapter 6

Alchemy of Love


Tao Tantric sacred sexual arts can be cultivated like learning to play a violin and are worthy of an in-depth education as well as tapping into what feels natural.

• Heighten your awareness of the energetic, emotional, and spiritual connection with your lover.

• Develop ways to enhance healing and sexual energy for the partners in your life.

• Learn how to enhance whole body bliss.

Stairway to Bliss

See the graph below showing two kinds of lovemaking in relation to pleasure and time. In what can be called “conventional sex,” the arousal rises to a peak, followed by compression and explosion. With ejaculation the arousal quickly dives down. Perhaps “when he shoots, he snores.” Perhaps the woman’s water has not yet become warm. Perhaps her sexual waters are still steaming and longing to move.

The tantric orgasmic graph looks like a staircase to heaven. Waves of orgasmic bliss keep rolling in. Consciously sublimating the energy and merging with the Tao, each wave shows a rising of arousal and an exchange of energy, shown as a figure eight. These waves may ripple through the five elements and be expressed through the following natural urges.

Fire--Connecting with your hearts and the urge to kiss. The heart is pounding and the blood is pumping and expands into a heart orgasm. Sensitive sex expressed through devotional, adoring, caressing, giving, and receiving love.

Earth--Connecting through touch and taste and the urge to massage, stroke, grab and lick. Earthy sex expressed as ravishing, pounding, grinding, and thrusting.

Metal--Connecting through breathing and the urge to smell. Breathe each other in and be sensitive to the skin. Breathing speeds up into ecstatic sex.

Water--Connecting through the bones and the urge to bite. Vibration expands into spine and brain orgasms. Sensual sex expressed as undulating, erotic movement.

Wood--Connecting with the eyes and the urge to move, surge and change positions. Passionate sex expressed as playful, vocal, sweaty, emotional intensity.

Lovemaking may weave through the various qualities of the elements. If you or your lover is predominantly more of one element you might pace with familiar qualities and surprise with other expressions of the elements. All flavors can be expressions of love and are powerful medicine for the body, soul, and spirit.

How Can We Grow More Love in Our Lives?

The ancients have cultivated the intimate arts for centuries. They considered physical health the foundation of a vigorous, enduring, and fulfilling love life. If you are “beat” you often are irritable or emotional. Anger or harsh words can hurt our vulnerable inside and damage trust and responsiveness in lovemaking for a long time.

Love in good and stormy weather. How can we cultivate love for each other? Actually our essence is love and it is mainly our emotional and thought patterns that get in the way. Taoists believed that negative emotions are toxic to our bodies, health, and relationships. Instead of suppressing emotions or dumping them on others we can recycle them into vitality. The Inner Smile is an easy way to do this and brings out the best in each other. Listen to your partner with love, look into his or her eyes, hold hands, and honestly express how you feel. “Keep in touch” by communicating and touching with tenderness, even during troubled times. When the storms hit be present for each other.

Multiply Energy. Men can have whole body orgasms without ejaculating by practicing “Sexual Kung Fu” or the art of seminal retention, knowing how to pull up and circulate the sexual energy with breathing, mindfulness, and muscle control. Instead of exploding through the genitals, the vibrations rise through the organs, heart, and head, penetrate through the core channel of the woman, and circle back into him, multiplying in energy. The woman also learns how to expand her experience of a genital orgasm into a whole body orgasm. She will feel full and good for days!

Soul Orgasm is possible when you feel orgasmic energy circulating and waving through the body. A fundamental circulation of energy is the Microcosmic Orbit, up the spine, over the crown, and down the front channel in a continuous loop. This balances warm yang energy and cool yin energy. It becomes a way to receive and give energy and also generate love and light.

Once this pathway is open, you and your partner can exchange energy linking your orbits into figure eights, connecting through the couple’s genitals, tongues, foreheads, or hearts. The yin energy of the woman flows into the man and the yang energy of the man flows into the woman, creating a harmonious field of united energy. The exchange of energy can be felt even without touching. When a soul orgasm overflows beyond the physical, it can feel like a fountain rising out the crown. In bliss, souls can unite above the body, deepening the potential of long term relationships by cultivating a perennial garden of love, joy, trust, and respect.

Sexual energy is sacred. The compassion you cultivate in your relationship can deepen your whole spiritual life. Body, soul, and spirit are one being and work together naturally if we do not separate them and judge them as sinful or taboo. When our raw passionate energy is refined and channelled upward to higher energy centers, it becomes the power behind love, creativity, and communion with the Divine.

Full Circle. The more we give pleasure, love, and compassion, the more we receive. We can heal each other and help each other to expand consciousness. The whole universe is continually pulsating and vibrating. When we experience orgasm, we harmonize with our body’s, our partner’s, and the world’s pulsations. Becoming a multi-orgasmic lover is realizing that you are one with the continuous, orgasmic, creative, and mysterious universal process!

About The Author

Minke de Vos, MMQ, is a senior Universal Healing Tao instructor and medical Qigong master therapist. Known internationally as one of the top teachers of self-healing and sacred sexuality, she has been practicing Qigong for over 30 years and is the founder of Silent Ground retreats, Feminine Treasures workshops, and Tao Tantric Arts classes. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Destiny Books (June 30, 2016)
  • Length: 384 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781620555170

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Raves and Reviews

“Minke de Vos has written an inspiring masterpiece . . . offers essential keys to reclaim our feminine powers. A must-read.”

– Margot Anand, author of The Art of Sexual Ecstasy

“. . . loaded with inspiring and uplifting information that every woman should know!”

– Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Goddesses Never Age

“This book is a treasure chest of practices that are difficult to find anywhere else. Minke guides you step by step through the arts of awakening sex, love, and spirit!”

– Shashi Solluna, founder of Tao Tantric Arts

“I thoroughly enjoyed all of the exercises, diagrams, and easy to read guidance through the Divine Feminine. Now I feel closer to my body and see it as a mere reflection of inner beauty. Every woman on a path of empowerment and transformation will appreciate this dynamic book. There are also partner practices for conscious energy exchange and intimacy building. It is very important to harmonize our bodies and relationships.”

– The Life Connection

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