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Tankbread 4

Black Snow

Book #4 of Tankbread

Can humanity win the final battle in a war for survival?

One year ago, the arrival of Else set in motion a chain of events that sent a girl on an epic journey from her home in the wilds of Australia to the distant land of the old United States. Through tragedy and terror, Gin became a seasoned warrior, leading an army in the desperate war against the legions of the dead.

After their victory in the ruins of old Los Angeles, Gin leads an expedition to explore the east coast of a long dead nation. The snow-covered ruins hide many dangers, and if the last of humanity is to win the final battle against extinction, she must find the truth behind a secret 200 years in the making.

Paul Mannering is an award-winning writer living in Wellington, New Zealand. Paul has published dozens of short stories and radio plays in a range of genres across many different international markets. In 2007 he co-founded BrokenSea Audio Productions, which podcasts free audio drama each week to an audience of millions. Paul lives with his wife Damaris and their two cats. His website is

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