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Taking the Heat

How Climate Change is Affecting Your Mind, Body, and Spirit and What You Can Do About It

Meteorologist and Peabody Award–winning journalist Bonnie Schneider looks at how climate change is already threatening our mental and physical health, and offers helpful tips to tackle these new challenges.

As the impacts of climate change become more urgent, rising temperatures, volatile weather, and worsening air quality is affecting our physical and mental health in dangerous new ways. From increasing the risk of infectious disease to amplifying anxiety and psychological distress—even the healthiest among us are vulnerable to climate-related ailments.

As the founder of Weather & Wellness©, a platform that explores the connection between weather, climate change, and health, meteorologist Bonnie Schneider has tracked these environmental effects for years, and in Taking the Heat, she gathers crucial advice from climate science experts and medical professionals to help you:
-Cope with the mental anguish of “eco-anxiety” and other fears for our planet’s future, particularly expressed by millennial and Gen-Z
-Learn how low-income and minority communities are at greater risk for the health consequences of extreme heat and air pollution
-Discover why the loss of biodiversity contributes to the spread of pathogens and the potential for more pandemics
-Understand how temperature, sunlight, and humidity can not only factor into feelings of depression and anxiety, but also trigger flare-ups for certain auto-immune diseases
-Explore how the Earth’s rising temperatures can affect sleep patterns and our brains’ ability to store memories
-Learn why increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere may influence the choices you make of what to eat and how to exercise
-And more!

Anchored in the latest science research and filled with relatable first-person stories, this book is an accessible guide for anyone looking to navigate the future of their own health—mind, body, and spirit, in a rapidly changing environment.

Bonnie Schneider is a national television meteorologist based in New York City, appearing on MSNBC/NBC News and Yahoo! Finance. She created the platform Weather & Wellness©, successfully launching its original video content focused on the impacts of climate change on health for New York Newsday’s digital site. Bonnie connects with her fans and answers their weather questions through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She’s previously provided on-camera insight and expertise on everything from hurricanes to snowstorms for CNN, HLN, Bloomberg TV, and The Weather Channel.