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Swt/Jface in Action

GUI Design with Eclipse 3.0

Part of In Action

Covering Eclipse's new capability for building graphical user interfaces with version 3.0, the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) and JFace, this guide demonstrates how these award-winning tools have received broad support for creating desktop applications. Theory and practical examples reveal how to build GUIs that combine the look and feel of native interfaces with the platform independence of Java. This guide also shows how SWT makes use of the widgets provided by the operating system and describes how these components can be associated with events, containers, and graphics. With this knowledge, programmers can build fully featured user interfaces that communicate directly with the underlying platform. JFace's ability to simplify and organize the process of GUI design is then demonstrated, enabling developers to modify and adapt components, and separate their information from their appearance.

Matthew Scarpino is a software consultant with over twelve years of experience in engineering and software development, and has developed high-performance applications using digital signal processors, field programmable gate arrays, and the Cell Broadband Engine. He's the author of Programming the Cell Processor: For Games, Graphics, and Numerical Computation.

Matthew Scarpino has more than 10 years of software design and engineering experience. He uses Eclipse to build editing software for reconfigurable computing and has submitted code for Eclipse's graphical library. He lives in Fort Worth, Texas. Stephen Holder is a software engineer who has worked as a consultant for several large commercial and government agencies on enterprise-level Java projects, including writing Eclipse plugins to streamline the development process. He lives in Tustin, California. Stanford Ng is the cofounder of Nuglu, LLC, and is currently working on improving backend systems at, one of the top five automotive e-commerce sites. He is also a creator of the award-winning Proxy/MAM research project. He lives in Irvine, California. Laurent Mihalkovic is a technology consultant with 10 years of experience designing solutions in C/C++/Java/COM. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Ng is the cofounder of Nuglu, LLC and directing software development at ciMediaGroup, a division of Creative Images.

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