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Sworn to Silence

When a tragic accident puts Hillcrest High student Katia Stein in a coma, Victoria Hill is determined to keep the truth of Katia’s accident to herself—because if she doesn’t, her life could be ruined for good.

When the students of Hillcrest High learn that their classmate Katia Stein was in a horrible accident, there is nothing but talk about what happened. Victoria Hill knows the terrible truth that left Katia in a coma, but she swears she will never tell…. As long as Katia remains unconscious, Victoria knows her secret is safe.

Then, desperate and alone, Victoria commits the ultimate sin. While Katia hangs on to her life by a thread, Victoria loses herself in the warm arms—and lips—of John Badillo… who happens to be Katia’s boyfriend!

If Katia wakes up, not only will she reveal Victoria’s first secret, but she will discover her new one as well, leaving Victoria’s life shattered beyond repair.

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