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The Astrology of Being Happy


You're a deviant, but not a pervert. So how can you make your special contribution?


You're here to roll up your sleeves and pitch in, and when you find your true calling, it won't be work. If you think the world owes you a living, get help.


You're a human fiber optics cable. Staying connected to everyone, but not scattered and skitzed out -- that's the trick.

Vanity Fair's hip and wickedly funny columnist knows your naughtiest, darkest obsessions. He also knows where you can find the road to lasting joy.

SunShines is an astrology book like no other. Eerily accurate and deliciously witty, it takes you deeper into your sign than you've ever been before, identifies the patterns you get hooked on, and then shows you how to find the happiness everyone deserves to have. That's a promise.

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Michael Lutin writes the monthly astrology column for Vanity Fair. He is a playwright as well as the author of many books on astrology. He divides his time between New York City, Paris, Connecticut, and Southern California. You can visit his website at

"Michael Lutin is the Mick Jagger of astrology." -- Nancy Imperiale, The Orlando Sentinel

"I never read a Michael Lutin horoscope that I don't laugh and slap my knee, and say, 'By golly, that sounds exactly like what's happening to old Aquarius!'Mr. Lutin may be starstruck, but he can write and has a wicked intuition and a wicked wit. He almost makes me a believer!" -- Liz Smith, syndicated columnist

"Intriguing, lively, and deliciously original, everyone knows Michael Lutin is the astrologer of his generation. Now he's almost made me happy to be a Capricorn." -- Anita Gates, theater critic

"Just as you're laughing merrily along, zing! A revelation hits you from out of nowhere. This book is full of surprises. Not only are sun signs elucidated in Lutin's inimitable style, but . . . obsessions can be healed and destinies fulfilled." -- Glenn Perry, Ph.D., director, Academy of Astro Psychology