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About The Book

Activate the raw power of your subconscious to create the life you’ve always wanted, using six essential lessons from one of the world’s most renowned hypnotherapists in this “nourishing and healing book” (Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Spiritual Liberation).

Unsatisfying careers. Volatile, unhealthy relationships. Unfulfilled dreams. Too many of us are living lives that fall short of what we truly desire. But as celebrity hypnotist Kimberly Friedmutter explains in this life-changing book, not only is it possible to design the life of your dreams, but the power to do so already lies within you, in your subconscious mind.

The subconscious is the root of your true power and desire; it’s your inner child, your authentic self. It is the honest compass that will lead you to a life of happiness, so long as you are able to follow its direction. We all have the power to access it but as we grow up we’re taught to stop daydreaming and to follow society’s rules, which makes us disconnect from our subconscious, often with tragic results.

In Subconscious Power, Kimberly guides you through six principles that bring your conscious mind in line with your subconscious desires. She shares practical, three-minute exercises that will help you transform your relationships, find true love, lose weight after years of struggling with the scale, overcome addictions, and achieve new career successes and heights. Featuring inspiring success stories and the practical tools you need to make meaningful change, Subconscious Power gives “you a pathway to achieve your goals and dreams in an effective and easily understandable manner. This book will improve your life in ways you never thought of” (David Zelon, producer of Soul Surfer).

About The Author

Photo Credit: Brad Friedmutter

Kimberly Friedmutter is a world-renowned hypnotherapist who works with some of Hollywood’s best-known luminaries, titans of industry, and politicians from across the country. Kimberly is a member of the prestigious UCLA Health Systems Board, the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the Association for Integrative Psychology, and the International Hypnosis Federation. She is also a Certified Master Hypnotist and a Certified NLP Trainer.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Atria Books (April 9, 2019)
  • Length: 288 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781501187094

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Raves and Reviews

Praise for Kimberly Friedmutter and Subconscious Power

“Kimberly inspires women to be better versions of themselves!”

– Jennifer Hudson

“Kimberly and I share the same philosophy. Often the teacher, always the student.”

– Martha Stewart

“For anyone that needs to ignite the champion within, I urge you to read Kimberly’s words of wisdom.”

– Mike Tyson

“Kimberly, thank you for your words and wisdom.”

– Quincy Brown, singer, songwriter, and actor

“This nourishing and healing book offers gentle wisdom that will elevate the happiness quotient of its readers through the discovery and expression of the innate love-capacities of the human heart and spirit.”

– Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Spiritual Liberation

“Kimberly’s approach is both inspirational and informational. She gives you a pathway to achieve your goals and dreams in an effective and easily understandable manner. This book will improve your life in ways you never thought of.”

– David Zelon, producer of Soul Surfer and When the Game Stands Tall

“An enlightening read for those willing to dismiss cynicism for insight into self-sabotaging obstacles.”

– Library Journal

“Kimberly provides the tactical, yet practical, pathways to connect with one’s own instincts. Understanding the linear process of the subconscious allows for greater focus and productivity. Kimberly’s book is your manual to attain personal and professional nirvana!”

– Jonathan Wackrow, former United States Secret Service agent, Presidential Protection Division

“The secret to comedy writing is seeing what’s really there—and daring to talk about it. That’s Kimberly’s magic: She’s funny, and brings deep insight into things you hide from yourself. If you want to be successful, the first door to crack open might be the biggest one—into your own mind.”

– Michael Jann, Emmy Award–winning comedy writer

“Kimberly writes about the simple truths that are essential to mastery of any discipline whether it’s making movies or living life. As filmmakers, we learn intuitively to get ‘in touch’ with how we feel and ‘be true to ourselves’ as a matter of professional survival. Kimberly re-contextualizes these essential ‘artists’ maxims and expands them into an intelligent instructional manual on how to live a better life.”

– Mark Mangini, Academy Award–winning sound designer

“Mother by day, champion poker player by night. Because of Kimberly, I was able to keep myself fine-tuned and balanced, allowing me to be my very best at both. You must read Kimberly’s book!”

– Jennifer Harman, two-time World Series of Poker Championship winner

“This book will change your mind about everything regarding relationships, work, family and success. Kimberly’s playbook gets you in the game!”

– Jonathan Ogden, former NFL Baltimore Ravens football player

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