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Starting from Happy

A Novel

“A poignant portrait of a long-term relationship, with all the disappointments and occasional triumphs that entails. A funny, sad and original take on the mating game” (Kirkus Reviews).

While waiting in line for apple pie at a party, Imogene Gilfeather, a lingerie designer who does not understand the reason for romance, meets Wally Yez, a scientist. Imogene is told that Wally is the perfect guy. (“Perfect,” she replies, “is not my type.”) Unfazed by Imogene’s indifference, Wally resolves to win her over. E-mails turn into late-night phone calls; one date turns into two and then more.

Wally is certain he and Imogene are meant for each other. (They both use mechanical pencils! Neither has had mumps!) But convincing his beloved is another matter. In defiance of the odds, or the gods, or perhaps just Imogene’s qualms, Wally and Imogene become a pair. Will Imogene indulge Wally’s longing for children? Can they possibly end as happily as they’ve begun?

Starting from Happy is a winning and sophisticated look at a rather zany couple as they come of age, and then just age—by one of the finest comic writers of our time.

Photographed by Robert Adam Mayer at The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York

Patricia Marx, a television screenwriter for shows such as Saturday Night Live, is the author of How to Regain Your Virginity and Meet My Staff.

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