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Starseed R/evolution

The Awakening

Published by Permuted Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Earth is in peril. Is the only hope for salvation a five-year-old, half-human, half-Arcturian prince and a master Starseed mystic?

Enter the extraordinary world of Crown Prince Ian, the last surviving heir of the Royal Arcturian Family of Antwar. He’s half-human, half-alien, with an IQ approaching 200 and a penchant for Swiss chocolates and defending humanity from itself. Is he Earth’s savior from climate change? Or, as his genetic grandmother would say, only another mensch?

Written in 2100—in the tradition of Marcus Aurelius, Winston Churchill, Sun Tzu, and Kanye West—Prince Ian recounts firsthand the most thrilling and critical years of the Orion Wars, an intergalactic struggle between good, evil, and the merely tolerable. From space reptiles pulling the strings in D.C. to sperm-gathering Greys at the Battle of Woodstock and the terrifying realities of global warming, Prince Ian shares his deepest observations and memories to inspire readers throughout the cosmos to think, laugh, and ascend.

A Gulliver’s Travels for the twenty-third century, Starseed R/evolution provides satire, adventure, pop psychology, mystical exploration, and a breath of fresh air in a world choking on its own hubris. From the New York Times bestselling mind of a controversial world-renowned scientist comes a work audacious in its scope and startling in its ultimate message of the ecocide facing our planet, including real solutions and a reading experience you will never forget.

About The Author

Dr. Richard Horowitz is an internationally recognized physician practicing in Hyde Park, NY. He is an award-winning author of two bestselling books on Lyme disease and chronic illness, and co-author of the 2018 HHS Tick-borne Disease Working Group report to Congress. He has received humanitarian awards from the Turn the Corner Foundation and Project Lyme, has appeared on numerous local and national media outlets—including the Today show and Fox News, for his work on Lyme disease and COVID-19—and is now providing novel solutions for our climate emergency.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Permuted Press (March 1, 2022)
  • Length: 448 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781637581698

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Raves and Reviews

“Physicians and allied health care practitioners across the globe have a sacred responsibility to protect the wellbeing of our patients from the many risks of climate change. In this highly entertaining romp through galaxies, Starseed civilizations, and magical universes, Dr. Richard Horowitz provides a mirror for humanity to witness the foibles and vulnerabilities of a civilization hell bent on its own destruction. He gives practical solutions to reverse our present course of environmental degradation. Spanning topics from personal empowerment, medicinal mushrooms, healthy aging, sustainable wellness, ecological medicine, consciousness expansion, and the power of the mind, Starseed R/evolution urges us to wake up and laugh our way to a more enlightened, saner, and healthier future.”

– Dr. Andrew Weil, author of 8 Weeks to Optimum Health and Healthy Aging

"After decades treating Lyme disease, Dr. Richard Horowitz has heard every conspiracy theory under the Sun. In Starseed R/evolution: The Awakening, he wraps them all into a rollicking commentary on our species’ existential plight. In this outrageous science fiction adventure, a quirky human-alien prince describes a future overrun by the current era’s most haunting fears and tropes: a climate crisis so severe extinction seems certain, alien (that’s ET) sleeper cells, and the deliberate poisoning of a public under siege. In the course of creating a campy intergalactic metaverse, Horowitz manages to illuminate real world looming perils, propose some clear solutions, and make it loads of fun."

– Pamela Weintraub, senior editor, Aeon; co-founder, Science Literacy Foundation; and author, Cure Unknown

Starseed R/evolution: The Awakening by Dr. Richard Horowitz is an amazing and skillfully written book by a talented author, with humor, wisdom, and vital information on how to save the planet during our unfolding climate emergency. The book entices the reader to explore the deepest questions of existence, ultimately illustrating how the paths of love and compassion can and will create miracles.”

– Bernie Siegel, MD, author of Love, Medicine and Miracles, No Endings, Only Beginnings, and Three Men Six Lives

“Global warming is rapidly increasing acute and chronic health problems including nutritional deficiencies, lack of potable water and food, heat related illness, worsening environmental toxicity, and rising vector-borne diseases. Starseed R/evolution is an engaging, highly entertaining novel which outlines a clear path for humanity’s salvation, providing hope for future generations.”

– Mark Hyman, MD, New York Times bestselling author of The Pegan Diet

“In the future, we will need to look back to assess what we did and didn’t do to address climate change. This unique work, set in the future, lays out in a satirical but alarming way a scenario that should scare us all into acting on climate today. Highly recommended.”

– Mark Z. Jacobson, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University

“During our climate emergency, in order to sustain life on this planet, human beings have to take responsibility for our life and the life of all that lives on Mother Earth. Love is an inherent quality of all life on the planet and Starseed R/evolution explores that and helps to bring that reality into being.”

– Brant Secunda, Huichol Shaman, Healer, and Ceremonial Leader

“This book is a rousing alert about the need for overcoming climate change and pollution problems on Earth, and the control that certain groups have over humanity. It is also a unique introduction to Arcturians and other extraterrestrial beings and Starseeds. It is a positive depiction of humans and ETs working together to overcome evil influences, to save all life on Earth, and to create goodness for all. Richard's spiritual practices and suggestions for ways to save the Earth are inspiring.”

– Barbara Lamb, M.S., MFT, CHT, longtime regression therapist, author

“Starseeds generally perceive themselves beyond their physical human body and intuitively sense themselves as multi-dimensional vast beings. They bring knowledge gained from other lifetimes and on other planetary bodies. They are often sensitive to vibrational frequencies that others cannot perceive. In the past they have been burned as witches; today they want to alter the perilous road humanity is traveling down. Climate change is the most serious disaster awaiting the human race; Starseeds are hoping to inspire those in power to change their ways and embrace the idea of healing the Earth, rather than harming her. A Revolution is indeed needed, one that joins all of us on Earth as One Family.”

– Margaret Doner, author of Merlin’s Handbook for Seekers and Starseeds, The Path of the Human-Incarnated Angel and Starseed, and Merlin’s War: The Battle between the Family of Light and Family of Dark

“Many normal and healthy people around the world, from all walks of life, believe themselves to be in regular contact with beings from outer space, as ET encounters occur in numerous ways. As a trained therapist, I have worked with many individuals who have claimed to have had these remarkable experiences. The process of waking up to this multidimensional reality can be difficult, but the results are positively life changing, such as spiritual transformation and expanded awareness. Starseed R/evolution: The Awakening, is an extraordinary novel that goes way beyond the ‘science fiction’ genre. It provides a mirror for humanity to understand not only its strengths and weaknesses along with our Starseed origins and lineages, but provides a clear road map and practical instructions on how to actually awaken our enlightened potential, saving ourselves and the planet in the process. This highly entertaining novel is a must read to understand the new realities that are now emerging on planet Earth.”

– Mary Rodwell, Principal of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network), author of Awakening: How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life and The New Human: Awakening to Our Cosmic Heritage

“It is only from the genius of creative explorers that we will ever find a way out of our current climate predicament. Thus enters Dr. Richard Horowitz and his revolutionary Starseed R/evolution. Horowitz’s timely and entertaining romp through the universe wakes people up to our present environmental dangers. But the adventurous and often hilarious spirit of the book is to break all boundaries of confined beliefs and make the reader available to the solutions that will help us think outside the box of conditioned cultural limitation. The writer takes on the persona of Prince Ian, a higher dimensional ET, whose teachings provide us with hope to ascend and reach our highest potential before it’s too late. In this mixed genre classic, the truth to save future generations can be heard.”

– Alan Steinfeld, author of Making Contact: Preparing for the New Realities of Extraterrestrial Existence

“Astrology is the mathematical science and art of how movements in the heavens affects all life on Earth. We are presently experiencing a radical and revolutionary shift from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, which will establish innovative and revolutionary social systems based on equality, humanitarianism, cooperation, and community. These new paradigms will benefit humanity by accessing enlightened consciousness and shifting ‘reality’ in a positive direction. Prince Ian of Arcturus, the half-alien/half-human hybrid protagonist of Starseed R/evolution, as an Aquarius with an Aquarius rising, is the perfect harbinger to bring in this new age. Prince Ian explains, with wit and wisdom, how shifts in philosophy, ethics, and the science of consciousness can help lead us out of the darkness of our climate crisis. In our time of need, the world would do well to listen to this ‘little Prince.’”

– Anne Ortelee, Certified Astrologer, ISAR CAP, PMAFA, OPA, NCGR-PAA

Starseed R/evolution is a hilarious science fiction satire that offers a creative way to educate our young and older generations alike about our climate emergency. The humor, philosophical, scientific, and spiritual solutions should give hope to all of us, ensuring our children have a safer future.”

– Ally Hilfiger, author of Bite Me: How Lyme Disease Stole My Childhood, Made Me Crazy, and Almost Killed Me

Dr. Richard Horowitz has managed what seems unachievable. He has created a marvelously entertaining, but terribly troubled, fictional world that is, of course, all too close to the real one. Amid elements of magic, fantasy, science fiction, and characters both historic and futuristic, he tells the story of a civilization that teeters on the edge because of its own mistakes, greed, and intransigence. As an investigative reporter who has documented the role of climate change in spreading disease-toting ticks around the planet, I can relate all too well to the challenges of future earthlings to escape the threats besetting them. It’s my hope that the world Horowitz paints—of princesses and Reptilians, a book of everlasting life, astrology, meditation, and families sprouted from Starseeds—will inspire the doubters to become believers. There is hope for a healthier planet, for growth and rebirth, if civilizations and generations see and embrace the flickering but determined light. This is a book I would want my grandsons to read.”

– Mary Beth Pfeiffer, author of Lyme: The First Epidemic of Climate Change

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