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Spy Versus Spy

From the author of The Life Insurance Game comes a revealing and astonishing look at how Russian operatives have repeatedly penetrated the CIA by giving readers a glance inside the deadly world of espionage and counter-espionage.

Acclaimed journalist Ronald Kessler has penned another exposé that gives readers all of the information they long for regarding the secretive and dangerous relationship between Russia and the United States.

Revealing how Russian agents operate in the United States and how they can often walk away free, Spy vs. Spy discusses the severity of security breaches over the years between the two agencies.

Complete with details on the activities of Pollard, Pelton, and Walker, as well as a look at how greedy Americans often betray top military secrets with astonishing ease, Kessler opens the eyes of those interested in the undercover operations of KBG and the CIA in this thrilling account of international espionage and politics.

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