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Spectacle Vol. 2

Book #2 of Spectacle
Published by Oni Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Sisters Anna and Kat return for the second book of Megan Rose Gedris's paranormal circus murder mystery, Spectacle!

A murder is tough thing to solve, even without temperamental performers, supernatural occurrences, and the ghost of the victim giving commentary. But as Kat's only link to the living world, it's up to scientifically-minded Anna to figure out who killed her sister—before any more murders rock the small traveling community. Yet as she gets closer to finding a lead, even more unbelievable events obscure the truth: roustabouts start sprouting horns, performers grow forked tongues, and a demon visits Anna's sleep at night. Does Kat know more than she's letting on? And can Anna keep the circus—let alone herself—safe?

Megan Rose Gedris gave up her dream job of being a cheesemonger for her other dream job of making comics. She lives in a probably haunted house in Chicago with her cat, Scrambles the Death Dealer.

"It’s Geek Love for a new generation, with lush and expressive art to boot."

– AV Club

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