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Space Nomads: Set a Course for Mars

Chasing the Arts, Sciences, and Technology for Human Transformation



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About The Book

Transform Your Mind. Expand Your Universe. Reach for Mars.

Imagine a better tomorrow with interstellar essays and art—drawing on the aspirational futurism that fuels Star Trek, The Martian, and 2001: A Space Odyssey, renowned contemporary artist Camomile Hixon reminds us that by reaching for the stars, we can chase our full potential beyond Earth, while also transforming ourselves and our understanding of the Pale Blue Dot we call home.

We stand at the threshold of interplanetary travel: SpaceX rockets are now routinely leaving Earth and NASA’s new Perseverance rover is searching for signs of ancient life on the Red Planet. Not since the moon landing in 1969 has space—or the promise of a transformational future for humankind—felt so close. Do we dare to reach for it?

Yearning to know the stars has long united humanity and ignited our imaginations. And while here on Earth we grapple with deep unrest—economic struggle, political upheaval, gender discrimination, pandemics, racial tensions, climate change—the potential of a colony on Mars has sparked a new, universal hope and a heightened sense of collective purpose as we discover our ultimate destiny beyond Earth’s orbit.

Celebrating the limitless potential of space and the human spirit, Hixon’s indelible essays and fantastical works of art invite us to imagine a transcendent future where we reach together for absolute freedom, unconditional love, and wellness on our grand quest for world peace.

Weaving science, history, art, and philosophy with meditations on higher consciousness inspired by seeing the Earth from Space, Space Nomads is a book of unbridled optimism for the future.

About The Author

Photograph Courtesy of Author

New York City visual artist Camomile Hixon chases the unicorns of infinite possibility to build new worlds. She believes that by reaching for Mars humanity can create a mindset that rises above its earthbound shortcomings. This transformational shift to a universal paradigm will bring deeper human relationships, greater love, and the unity that is rightfully ours.

Hixon communicates this message through various art forms including music. Her glitter paintings have been exhibited at Tokyo Japan’s Shibuya Subway Terminal, New York City’s Oculus Transportation Hub at the World Trade Center, as well as concurrent shows at the 57th and 58thVenice Biennal. Her Love from Mars painting was exhibited on 130 digital kiosks across New York City. Camomile’s virtual, interactive worldwide Search for the Missing Unicorn has included millions of people and been covered by major media outlets including MSNBC, the BBC, and the CBC among others. Museum shows include the American Textile History Museum, Cornell Art Museum, and the Lyman Allyn Art Museum. Hixon’s works are held in public and private collections worldwide. Visit her on Instagram @CamomileHixon or at

Product Details

  • Publisher: S&S/Simon Element (June 22, 2021)
  • Length: 208 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781982152314

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Raves and Reviews

"When stories of the future exploration and habitation of the cosmos are written, they are usually stories of technology and battles and intrigue. In Space Nomads: Set a Course for Mars, Camomile Hixon instead tells these same stories with art, poetry, compassion. Will any of these futures come true? I don't know, but if one does, I would like to sign up for the future of the Space Nomads, expanding our shared humanity into the universe."
— Mike Brown, Professor of Planetary Astronomy at CalTech and author of How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming

"I wish Camomile Hixon had written this book 25 years ago when it would have served me well as an actress playing the captain of a starship, struggling as both an artist and a student to understand the unfathomable mystery of space. Hixon is passionate about a future on Mars, but because her passion is grounded in theory, we are allowed to imagine just such a reality and this is, of course, how dreams come true. Intelligent, philosophical, lyrical, and beautifully illustrated, Space Nomads: Set a Course for Mars is a must-read for anyone wishing to grasp the imperceptible through idealism and aspiration."
— Kate Mulgrew, Actor and Author

“Camomile Hixon is a true artist and a creative spirit of for the new age. The vision she presents in this book is one of courageous optimism: a pure and beautiful hopefulness for humanity.”

— Sheika Fariha Al-Jerrahi (Philippa de Menil), Founder, Dia Art Foundation

"Throughout this outlandishly optimistic vision of an imminent Buddhist future in space—one that simultaneously energizes an awakened consciousness on Earth—disbelief is rudely interrupted by scientific data. The book itself so brilliantly shuttles between earthbound and cosmic challenges that by its end, our own sense of joyful possibility has been expanded. Space Nomads: Set a Course for Mars provides a glimpse of ourselves transformed by radically new perspectives; and similar to meditation experiences, the smaller our conventional and habitual selves become, the larger the reality we inhabit."

– Helen Tworkov, Founder of Tricycle: The Buddhist Review

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