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Sniffing the Cork

And Other Wine Myths Demystified

From the warm and funny perspective of nationally known wine expert Judy Beardsall, Sniffing the Cork: And Other Wine Myths Demystified shares tips that will help you cut through the snobbish opinions of clerks and waiters to find wine you truly enjoy for all occasions.

After twenty years in the wine business, trailblazer Judy Beardsall shares her passion with the world through this entertaining guide to all things wine and why it should be savored, not sipped.

Perfect for those intimidated by wine and connoisseurs alike, Beardsall takes readers on a tour of the wine world, offering guidance that will help anyone understand what to look for, what to spend, and how to communicate when purchasing wine.

Readers will as find answers to the myths surrounding the wine world, such as why you should not sniff the cork, as well as the secrets to understanding “winespeak,” the nutritional and therapeutic benefits of wine, the keys to properly serving, storing, and collecting wine, and multiple suggestions of affordable wines—perfect for both connoisseurs and those daunted by wine shops and wine lists.