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Sisterhood of Faith

365 Life-Changing Stories about Women Who Made a Difference

Woman to Woman...Sister to Sister…Friend to Friend…Bound by an Unstoppable Faith...Changing Their World Forever

The forces that bind woman to woman, sister to sister, and friend to friend are among the most powerful in the world. Add to that the strength of faith, and you have a union that transcends all earthly holds. That unique bond is the sisterhood of faith.

The women whose stories are told in this book are the kind of women who wave a hand of dismissal at the obstacles in their paths. The kind who are unstoppable in their mission, stubborn in their resilience. They are women just like you. Women whose lives make a difference because they trusted in their God as they lived their lives in service to Him—women who belong to the sisterhood of faith.

Each daily devotion features an inspirational sister of faith. In addition to Her Story, you'll find Her Service, Her Message, and My Response.

Meet women like

• Mary Kay Ash
• Lisa Beamer
• Patsy Clairmont
• Elizabeth H. Dole
• Ruth Graham Bell
• Liz Curtis Higgs
• Florence Nightingale
• Condoleezza Rice
• Dale Evans Rogers
• Joni Eareckson Tada
• Mother Teresa
• CeCe Winans

Be inspired, be challenged, believe that you, too, can change your world forever.