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Sing to Me, Saigon

Three women—an army nurse, an abused wife, and an American folksinger—find comfort in each other as they face the uncertainty and turbulence of the Vietnam war in this tale of friendship and suffering by the author of Mail in Cinderella.

Fiery Melantha Benning left the mean streets of Washington, D.C. to become a second lieutenant and Army nurse on the frontlines of the chaos in Vietnam. Beautiful Chau Thi Lian spent her time working for the USO on behalf of South Vietnam’s warriors, but only when her husband’s domineering ways weren’t ruling her body and soul. Radiant Jennifer Swanson dedicated her voice and her guitar to the weary troops of Vietnam but finds herself seeking comfort in the arms of a handsome, reticent soldier.

In their selfless acts of bravery, each woman comes to discover that personal battles are often the toughest and that freedom is worth fighting for, even amidst the fears that tomorrow may never come.

Sing to Me, Saigon is the heartwarming tale of three women thrown together in the smoke-haze of battle, the bustle of exotic Saigon, and the fever of war with out a reason. When they turn to each other to find a way out, they discover that in a world of fear and chaos, the only things more precious than life are the bonds of friendship that make it worth living.

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