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Sherrie Levine: Diary 2019

Diaries and journals have a long, complex history within visual culture. American artist Sherrie Levine continues the tradition with Diary 2019 by making the private public. 

Inspired by Polish writer Witold Gombrowicz’s Diary and its famed opening entries, written in 1953— “Monday: Me. Tuesday: Me. Wednesday: Me. Thursday: Me.”—Levine prints the word “ME.” on each calendar page in Diary 2019. Levine’s diary is a playful riff on autobiography amidst our narcissistic culture. 

“A conceptual diary inspired by the ever-changing interplay between the public and private spheres of life, and playfully commenting on the commodification of the intimate.”

– Andrés González, Vulture

“For the literary type.”

– Lauren Hubbard, Town and Country Magazine

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