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Sexual Practices of the Druids

A Handbook of Magic and Ritual

Published by Destiny Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

A step-by-step guide to the ancient tradition of sex magic as practiced by generations of Celtic Druids

• Details a wide range of sex magic rituals that may be used by couples, groups, and solitary practitioners

• Explains how to channel, intensify, and project your sexual energy for magical purposes

• Provides instructions for crafting the necessary ritual tools, including wands, chalices, cauldrons, and attire, and for brewing the potions that accompany these rites

One of the Druid’s most powerful tools, sex magic harnesses and projects the immense natural energy produced by orgasm to liberate your consciousness from everyday awareness and influence reality at will.

With more than 50 years in the Druidic tradition, Jon Hughes reveals the fundamentals of Celtic sex magic passed down secretly from generation to generation. He explains how to channel, intensify, and project your sexual energy for magical purposes and offers authentic instructions for a wide range of sex magic rituals that may be used by couples, groups, and solitary practitioners. In addition to the steps of preparation and closure for each ritual, he describes the workings of the 9 stages of the sex magic ritual--Awakening, Augmentation, Intensification, Quickening, Orgasm and Projection, Continuance, Relaxation, Scattering, and Gift.

Hughes provides detailed instructions for crafting and consecrating the necessary ritual tools, including wands, chalices, and cauldrons, and for brewing the potions that accompany these rites. He also explores the power of emotion and intention in these sacred rituals, providing a complete guide to this ancient path of empowerment and magic.



This section of the book deals with what is undoubtedly the most difficult and controversial element of Celtic sex magic: the process of arousal and stimulation leading to sexual orgasm. We will also discuss the duality of the sex magic orgasm and how to harness the orgasm and the period of time immediately following the orgasm for your own use. We will look at how to maintain and augment the sensual force through sustained intensification, thereby promoting the most powerful and potent projection of your personal internal energy.

The roles played by the priest or priestess, his or her assistants, and the participants are discussed in much greater detail in part 3. There you will find a step-by-step description of the invocations, responses, movements, and layout of each working and ritual.

Before we begin, we must take some time to consider the power of the forces we are going to become involved with.

The force of the sexual orgasm and its associated emotions have been responsible for the creation of empires and their fall; for wars and massacres; for great wealth and abject poverty; for the destruction of entire civilizations and for some of the world’s most outrageous crimes. Sexual drive is unquestionably the most powerful force that mankind has some frail form of control over. Whether or not you choose to admit it, it is the most powerful driving force in your life. It is your most powerful desire; it is present in your conscious and unconscious selves more often than any other thought or motivator. It has changed and will change your life pattern in the most profound way. Without it, you simply would not be here.

A Preview of the Sex Magic Ritual

As it is for all natural events, the core of sex magic is a cycle, a series of events that you will attempt to anticipate and over which you will attempt to exercise a form of control.

Anyone who has experienced a sexual orgasm and the sensual stimulation preceding it will know that in order to exercise any form of control over the event one must be extremely strong-willed. You will be attempting to exercise a considerable amount of control over both your body and your mind during the whole process. This will be possible only with a thorough understanding of the cycle, knowledge of the techniques necessary for this control, and a considerable amount of training and practice.

The cycle of the sexual orgasm, from its build-up to the period following the orgasm, is woven into the core of the sex magic ritual. It becomes the Projection Cycle, the means and power of projecting your spell.


The Projection Cycle is at the very heart of the sex magic ritual. It is irrevocably entwined with the natural cycle of the sexual orgasm. It begins with the first moment of sensual awareness; sometimes it even becomes the instigator of sexual awareness.

During this cycle your internal energy will leave what I can best call “the here and now” or “the conscious world” and undertake a visualized journey, returning only in the final moments of this part of the ritual.

The Projection Cycle is composed of seven successions. These are:

Orgasm and Projection

Each of these successions has significance in the ritual, as you shall see. Each has a definable threshold, a specific transition point when you pass from one succession to the next. The ritual helps you recognize these transition points by raising your awareness and heightening your senses.


Every ritual is worked within a protective Circle, so each begins with the creation or casting of this Circle. The Circle has an entrance portal, a simple gap in the Circle through which all the participants in the ritual enter.

If the ritual involves more than one participant, the next step is the Gathering, when all the participants come together in the Circle and exchange brief informal welcomes.

The Circle is then sealed in preparation for the ritual. Cleansing and purification workings begin, and candles are lit.

Once the cleansing and purification workings are complete, the main ritual begins. A ritual libation is given and taken and the priest or priestess speaks the spell or incantation for the first time. The spell or incantation is then adopted by the Gathering; it becomes the focus and is chanted repeatedly by the participants.

The Principal Conduit is then named (we shall look at the significance of naming later), adopted by the Gathering, and anointed. The Principal Conduit is the man or, more typically, the woman upon whom the ritual is focused. The rest of the Gathering, including the priest or priestess, will focus their attention on this person, and he or she will govern the projection of the generated energy.

The second libation is given to the participants in the Gathering by the Principal Conduit.

The Principal Conduit then takes position on the convocation stone and the workings of the Projection Cycle are undertaken.

Once the Projection Cycle is complete and everyone in the Gathering has returned from their visualized journey, the Gathering reinforces the spell by group congress, that is, by the collective chanting of the spell, the singing of a prearranged song, or the chanting of a prearranged thanksgiving statement. The important factor is that this is a communal expression, demonstrating the like-mindedness and strength of the Gathering.

The final and main libation is then given and taken, the parting gift is given (this gift, as we shall see, is not a material one but a brief piece of wisdom given to the Gathering by the priest or priestess), and the candles are blown out in order to cast the Gathering’s energy toward the collective energy.

The Circle’s portal is unsealed and opened, and the Gathering scatters. The Circle is then erased.

About The Author

Jon G. Hughes, author of Celtic Sex Magic, is part of a lineage of druids that has been practicing for five generations in a remote area of Wales. He is now teaching the tradition at his home in western Ireland and gives workshops and seminars throughout Europe under his Welsh name of Cynon. He is the director of the Irish Centre for Druidic Practices.

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  • Publisher: Destiny Books (September 21, 2013)
  • Length: 256 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781620552032

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