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Sexton Blake Versus the Master Crooks (Sexton Blake Library Book 2)

Edited by Mark Hodder

As brilliant as Sherlock Holmes. As daring as James Bond. Sexton Blake, the adventuring detective, is back! This second volume of a new series reinstates one of literatures greatest detectives - back in print for the first time in decades! 

For nearly a century, Sexton Blake was the most written about character in British fiction. He starred in approximately four thousand stories by nearly two hundred authors. A cross between Sherlock Holmes and Indiana Jones, he was a publishing phenomenon, read by young and old alike.

This second collection is comprised of three stories from UNION JACK featuring characters from the first wave of master crooks.

THE CASE OF THE MAN IN MOTLEY by Anthony Skene (George N. Philips) (1919).

Sexton Blake literally crosses swords with the most stylish of his enemies; engages in a car chase; discovers a murdered clown; fights on the brink of an incinerator; and recovers a stolen diamond.

PRINCE PRETENCE by Lewis Jackson (Jack Lewis) (1921)

A labour leader is abducted and impersonated by Leon Kestrel; the French lottery is won; Sexton Blake's efforts are sabotaged and he is arrested; an imposter is exposed; a master crook is caught; a grotesque dwarf is visited; Tinker is kidnapped for ransom and threatened with being walled up in the Paris catacombs; Blake comes to the rescue; and the villains, though defeated, escape.

THE WONDER MAN'S CHALLENGE by Edwy Searles Brooks (1921)

Waldo the Wonder-Man robs a bank, climbs a sheer wall, walks a tightrope, steals a biplane and a necklace, and challenges Sexton Blake to catch him. Blake puts Pedro on the trail, spots a deception, and has a confrontation in a pub. Tinker picks a pocket. Waldo climbs up a chimney, swings onto a train, and flees defeated.

"Makes Jack Reacher look like a bungling amateur...definitely not be missed."

– The Crime Review

“Delighted to see Sexton Blake still going strong - and with such aplomb!”

– Agatha Christie

“The Sexton Blake Saga is the nearest approach to a national folk-lore”

– Dorothy L Sayers

“The Healthy Hero who shows Bond the way!”

– Robert Pitman, Sunday Express

“Sexton Blake is the personification of the perfect detective who matches brain against brain and, where necessary, dexterity against brawn.”

– Ex Detective Superintendant John Gosling, formerly Chief of Scotland Yard’s Ghost Squad

“The greatest detective of them all!”

– Daily Mail

“One of the best-known Englishmen in the world.”

– Sunday Express

“After more than seventy years of continuous publication, Sexton Blake is still the doyen of detectives.”

– Daily Telegraph

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