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Sex Mudras

Energy Movement Exercises for Sexual Vitality

Published by Destiny Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Sacred gestures of the hands and body to energize the sexual organs, increase libido, enhance pleasure, and improve overall health

• Includes exercises for men and women to tone the genitals, improve endurance, and reach orgasm without ejaculation

• Details shared exercises for couples to harmonize male and female energies

• Explains how these exercises can treat sexual problems caused by tobacco, psychotropic drugs, and alcohol

Mudras have been used for thousands of years in Hinduism and Buddhism to channel the movement of energy in the body for physical enhancement and spiritual enrichment. These sacred gestures of the hands and body create a tangible link between body and mind, conscious and unconscious, and can be used to strengthen and invigorate specific organs or bodily systems.

Exploring the mudras of sexual vitality, Serge Villecroix illustrates energy movement exercises for men and women to tone the genitals, increase libido, improve endurance, and enhance pleasure. He reveals mudras for men to reach orgasm without ejaculation and details shared exercises for couples to harmonize male and female energies. He explains how these exercises can treat sexual dysfunction, such as impotence, as well as overcome sexual problems caused by tobacco, psychotropic drugs, alcohol, and other substances. Providing a complete guide to the sex mudras, Villecroix shows how strengthening your sexual energies also improves cardiac and respiratory health and overall vitality.



The era we live in is paradoxical; for several decades now sexuality has been liberated, and young people have their first intimate experiences earlier and earlier, while at the same time we fail to nourish ourselves in a way that promotes the positive energies that are so very necessary for harmonious sexuality. When we speak of nourishment here, we mean that of the flesh, but without forgetting the importance of nourishment on the spiritual plane as well.

In order for sexuality to blossom, it is necessary to channel it, sometimes even to control it, then certain energies will come forth to reveal all the potential of the most sacred love. At that point spirit, soul, and body will be one. A gentle and profound connection will unite the two lovers inseparably, whatever their age and sexes may be.

The exercises presented in this book are unusually simple, and in order not to make their practice strenuous, it is necessary to meditate upon them slowly so that the flame of desire may be appropriately channeled and the senses not be excited too frequently.

With regular practice, the lovers of the world--to whom this book is dedicated--will be certain to observe good effects from these exercises, which have already been known in Asia for millennia.

I contemplated an appropriate title for this book for a long time and then decided upon the word mudra--the feminine word used in ancient Buddhism, Tantrism, and traditional dance in India. Why such care in choosing this term? Simply because a mudra is better known in the West as a placement of the hands--one upon the other--over a part of the body. The Sanskrit word mudra can be translated as “seal” or “sign,” a position of the body, or symbolic gesture of the hand. Asian peoples regard a mudra as a movement. A sexual mudra, therefore, is simply a gesture or movement used for sex.

In this book sexuality is not relegated to the role of a simple physiological outlet. It is based on an analysis of the energies inherent to this practice and the attention that partners must pay to one another in order for their sex life to flourish.

Mudras for Couples to Practice Together

Exercise 31. Mudra for Harmonizing Feminine and Masculine Energies
Exercise 32. Mudra for Harmonizing Renal Energy
Exercise 33. Ear Mudra
Exercise 34. Mudra to Relieve Frigidity
Exercise 35. Kissing Mudra

Mudra for Harmonizing Feminine and Masculine Energies

This mudra can be practiced for three purposes. First, it stimulates relations between the two partners. Second, it augments the circulation of energy. Third, it harmonizes the energies between the two partners.

It is also a marvelous introduction and a delicious conclusion.

- Lying down, face to face, embracing each other closely, each of you should place your right hand on the base of the other’s spine and your left hand on the base of the other’s skull.

- Be sure to get as close as possible, depending on your relative heights, in order to facilitate the circulation of energy.

- Slowly, each of you should contract your anuses in order to maintain basal energy and allow the energy to rise up to spread throughout the entire body.

- Stay like this for several moments, eyes closed and breathing together slowly and calmly.

- Then, open your eyes and stare into each other’s eyes without speaking at all. Try smiling at each other, which will open the eyes wider, corresponding to the windows of the soul.

- Gently rub your noses together using slow and tender movements.

- Then, put your tongue into the mouth of your partner--softly and gently--and move your tongues together in order to allow all the energy you have accumulated to circulate throughout your entire bodies.

First Variation
Practice this mudra of global energy harmonization right at the beginning of your sexual activity, without any other preliminary foreplay.

Second Variation
In the middle of sexual relations--whether or not you have reached orgasm--when the jade stalk is still within the jade garden, stop all movement, carefully place yourselves in the position of this mudra, and practice it as described above.

Then slowly resume your sexual activity, with the fire newly refueled.

Third Variation
Though it is rare, it may happen that after the sexual act the partners cannot stand to remain in contact, or even talk with each other. If this is the case, you can practice this exercise in order to try to reverse this tendency.

This third variation should be practiced with the three points of contact reversed: kiss each other at the beginning of the mudra, then gently rub noses, then remain still, staring into each other’s eyes before closing them and enjoying the serenity of this marvelous embrace. By prolonging this period of stillness, you can discover the different forms of energy that circulate within and between you. Once you are accustomed to this exercise, you will find that it brings great pleasure.

Ear Mudra

This highly important zone is broadly connected to the kidneys, and more specifically to the spinal column, all along the outer edge of the auricle, from the lobe, which represents the head, to the top of the ear, which represents the sacral vertebrae, buttocks, and legs.

According to the principles of auricular therapy, massaging the entire ear will tone not only the kidneys--the organs connected to sexuality and libidinal energy--but also all the reflexive zones of the body, corresponding to all the organs that are linked by nerves to that tree of life which is the spinal column.

It should also be noted that the auricle is so sensitive that for most people it is an erogenous zone. Dormant sensations can be awakened simply by touching the ear gently, or lightly sucking on it.

- Very simply, knead, caress, rub, gently pinch, and massage the ears. You can practice this mudra on one ear at a time or on both at once, depending on your preference.

- This mudra, of course, can be practiced solo or with a partner, either taking turns or simultaneously.

About The Author

Serge Villecroix is a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, smoking cessation coach, and former therapist. He lectures throughout France on the mudras, energy healing, and traditional Chinese medicine. The author of nine books in French, he lives in France.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Destiny Books (May 6, 2013)
  • Length: 128 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781620551479

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Raves and Reviews

“Superbly written and presented, Sex Mudras is a serious work that will prove invaluable and instructive for men and women in committed relationships who seek to optimize their physical contacts...Sex Mudras is highly recommended reading for adults seeking to maximize their sexual energy and experiences.”

– Midwest Book Review, August 2013

“An insightful and richly informative book that transforms the inner realms of the body into a divine playground. Ideal for adventurous lovers as well as individuals wishing to activate their sexual energies and elevate sex to a spiritual experience.”

– Diana Richardson, author of Tantric Sex for Men and Tantric Orgasm for Women

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