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Seven Secrets of Time Travel

Mystic Voyages of the Energy Body

Foreword by Frank Joseph
Published by Destiny Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

How to break free from the physical world and travel via the energy body

• Examines the seven secrets of time from the viewpoint of mystics and scientists, including Helena Blavatsky, C. W. Leadbeater, and Albert Einstein

• Explains how transcending the physical body offers new hope for the treatment of illness, emotional problems, and addictions

• Offers step-by-step instructions and exercises to develop your time travel abilities via the energy body

Time remains the most misunderstood and mystical dimension of our experience of life. We never seem to have enough time, yet often it seems to drag by too slowly. Enthralled with the possibility of time travel and time machines, we long for the future or regret our past and wish for a way to break out of the linear progression of time. Behind all of this time fascination and obsession is the human urge to manage our destiny and feel in control of our world. Yet the secret to escaping temporal bondage is inside each of us, a soul-given power to visit the past or future and travel through the present at the speed of light.

Exploring the 7 secrets of time, Von Braschler reveals how to break free from the physical world and travel through time and space via the energy body. He examines time, timelessness, and time travel from the viewpoint of mystics, shamanic dreamwalkers, and scientists, including Helena Blavatsky, C. W. Leadbeater, Albert Einstein, and Julian Barbour, as well as Hindu spiritual science. Explaining how transcending the physical body offers new hope for the treatment of illness, emotional problems, and addictions, he offers step-by-step instructions and active, out-of-body exercises to develop your time travel abilities and explore the world of energy and spirit. Emphasizing the spiritual wholeness that comes from energy body work, he shows that by visiting the past and the future we can more fully live in the now.


Chapter 5
Fifth Secret of Time

Traversing Time and Merging Time Lines

Merging Time lines

We tend to think of the future as one time line and the past as another distant time line. But there is only one time line, which is fluid. Nature is a good teacher of this principle, as Madame Blavatsky acknowledged in her classic little book The Voice of the Silence. Nature teaches us how the past becomes the future. We can see that trees do not die in autumn. Instead, they begin a regeneration process. In the winter, when much of the physical world is frozen, we commonly think of death. But the life force in nature endures and recycles. The next spring looks like the spring of last year. We, too, are essentially a life force--a light body encased in a gross, material body. We reside there but we are not destined to remain entombed in our physical structures forever.

If we think of time occurring at the instant that light energy strikes us, time appears to come in waves of primal energy that roll toward us, one right after the other. However, just as the waves of the ocean have a sequential pattern, yet are all interrelated and part of one great body of water, the rays of the sun that strike each one of us in succession, energizing and giving each of us our sense of the moment, are really one ray that has been refracted and dispersed as many, beautiful rays of light. It is one uninterrupted flow of energy.

While people might have a sense of “sooner” and “later,” as Leibniz said, all time lines flow as one. We can ride this time line like a wave that takes us anywhere we want to go, merging with moments in the distant past or moments in the future, as we commonly think of it. We have already lived in this future, as the future occurs simultaneously with the past and present. It is not alien to us. We are welcome there, as light moving forward.

It might help to think of a subway system, such as the London Circle Line. You can get in this underground tube and go one direction or the other direction. Ultimately, the line makes a complete circuit through the city, however, and takes you everywhere along the line and eventually back to where you started. Similarly, you can start now and go anywhere along the great, eternal time line, backward or forward, just like hopping aboard a subway. You decide where you want to go.

You can think of the physical barriers that restrict your escape from this frozen, material world of fixed time without change and significant movement as being like a subway gate that keeps would-be travelers without tickets from passing to the waiting trains. It’s not that hard to gain entrance, however. Just put yourself in the state of consciousness of a would-be traveler and escape this material world of the here and now with its limited possibilities.

Some exercises will help you:

Visiting Your Own Past
What You Need
- A quiet, enclosed room in which to meditate without distractions.
- A mat, pad, or blanket on which to recline on your back to meditate.
- Loose-fitting clothing with your shoes removed.

1. Recline on your back with arms and legs outstretched (yoga’s “dead man” posture).
2. Tune out all external distractions and tune out internal thoughts, finding the quiet still point deep within you. Begin deep, controlled breathing.
3. Visualize a place and time in your own past that you intend to visit. Perhaps you will select a time that was pivotal to your development or time of confusion that has bothered you. You decide. Let the picture of this scene form in your mind’s eye with details.
4. When you sense a real connection with this scene, tuck this picture away in the back of your consciousness to retrieve when you reach a state of heightened consciousness in a meditative state.
5. Now visualize leaving your body and visiting this time and place, as soon as you reach a state of higher consciousness in your deep meditation. Tuck away that picture in the back of your consciousness to retrieve as soon as you reach higher consciousness.
6. Tune out all internal thought and distractions and put your physical body to sleep, as your lower mind gives way to your higher consciousness.
7. When you see the blank slate in your mind’s eye, focus on it, then bring forward your intent to leave your body to visit a time and place in your past. Then bring forward your visualization of the precise time and place you intend to visit.
8. If your visualization was properly formed and your intent properly focused, you should find yourself instantly transported to the precise time and place you selected.
9. When you arrive there, look all around you to observe details, including your own presence there.
10. Become a perfect witness to history by observing everything with detachment. You will not be seen or noticed, as you have no physical body. Your keen, new awareness in this pure consciousness body, however, will enable you to see, hear, and otherwise perceive what you observe. Do not attempt to analyze.
11. When you have seen what you came to observe, return to your physical body by thinking of that body and returning to it.
12. When back in your physical body, slowly adjust to your return from this deep out-of-body meditation.
13. Write down your observations, remembering your experience out of time and space. Remember the scene as a detailed picture.
14. Return to the “dead man” reclining posture and meditate on what you have observed in your out-of-body travel into the past. This is the time for analysis, with physical detachment. It is the perfect way to interpret what you have encountered.

About The Author

Von Braschler, a former faculty member at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, has led workshops through the United States and the United Kingdom. A lifetime member of the Theosophical Society, he is the author of several books, including Perfect Timing and Chakra Reading and Color Healing. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Destiny Books (February 22, 2012)
  • Length: 176 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781594776953

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Raves and Reviews

“Thanks to the clarity of his insights and the freshness of his perspective, Von Braschler’s guide to time travel is our handbook to new, unchartered realms of experience and healing. The vehicle he offers is not a relatively crude ‘machine’ but the sublime human soul. In short, he tells us that we do not have to wait for the invention of some promised technology. On the contrary, we have been carrying around within us, since the day we were born, everything we need for visiting the past or future. He lays out seven secrets to access this wonderful mystery, clearly and convincingly describing them as the cornerstones of his practical guide.”

– Frank Joseph, author of Atlantis and 2012 and Gods of the Runes

“...a very thought-provoking book that gives the reader guidance and permission to explore the mysterious world of energy and spirit.”

– Brent Raynes, Alternate Perceptions April 2012

“Essential reading for anyone interested in transcending time. Von Braschler explains his ideas well and has illustrated them with fascinating anecdotes and exercises. His book is erudite, practical, and fascinating.”

– Richard Webster, author of Spirit and Dream Animals and Encyclopedia of Angels

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