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Secrets of Brush Calligraphy

An inspirational workbook to develop your brush calligraphy skills with 7 exclusive art cards to pull out and treasure

Published by Weldon Owen
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

An inspirational workbook for complete beginners to discover and master the art of the brush. Every project reveals more of the secrets of modern brush calligraphy, so that by the end of book you will be armed with everything you need to head off on your own brush lettering adventure.

Like a personally taught workshop in your home, this is an inspirational workbook for complete beginners to discover and master the art of lettering with the brush.

Kirsten Burke's Secrets of Brush Calligraphy is a uniquely creative and interactive book for anyone wishing to learn how to create stylish and decorative hand-lettered works of art using brush calligraphy. This book brings together the methods and practices taught in Kirsten's workshops, through easy-to-follow, enjoyable projects that will build your brush calligraphy confidence.

Includes:?- Tips, tricks and techniques for writing with a brush pen or paintbrush.?- Calligraphy projects to build your skills.?- Removable art cards, hand-lettered by Kirsten Burke to pull out, complete and treasure.

Part how-to, part project book, Secrets of Brush Calligraphy will inspire you to develop your love of lettering.



Brush Letting Tools Decoded
What Shall I Use?
Types of Brush Pen
The difference between brush pens and felt-tip marker pens is that brush pens have a brushlike, flexible tip that behaves in a similar way to a paintbrush. When you apply pressure to the paper with a brush pen, you can either get a thick or thin line. This is the difference between calligraphy and handwriting. The elasticity of the brush pen separates the good from the bad. The tip should spring back into shape as if it’s never been used before. The end should keep to a point and not fray or bend out of shape after it’s been used a couple of times. There are two main types to choose from: felt-tip brush pens or fibre tip (sometimes called bristle tip) brush pens.
Felt-tip Brush Pens
Felt-tip brush pens are less flexible than fibre tip brush pens, so they’re often preferred by
beginners as they are easier to control. You get more predictable marks and they hold their point more consistently than a hairy bristle/fibre tip brush pen, but they are more likely to fray with use.
Fibre Tip (Bristle Tip) Brush Pens
Fibre tip brush pens mimic the behavior of a natural paintbrush. They either have synthetic nylon or natural hair bristles and these bristles splay out when you press down, so they’re much more flexible to use. As the end is “floppy” they can take time to get used to, but they give brushy effects with more contrast between thick and thins than a felt-tip brush pen.
Writing a Quote
Designing pieces of calligraphy to decorate my home is my favorite thing to do. At the back of
this book are seven art cards that I have designed specifically for you to pull out and put on your wall for inspiration, or to give to someone to brighten their day. Practice writing over the phrase below and then, when you feel ready, you can rework it straight onto the matching pull-out card (Art Card 1) at the back of this book.
Once you have traced the words, try writing them again on this page on your own, using only the guidelines below. If you are worried about writing freehand, you can always sketch the words out gently in pencil first, then trace over them with your brush pen. Remember, your connecting strokes need a delicate touch.

About The Author

Kirsten Burke is a world-renowned calligraphic artist and teacher. Kirsten is the 'Master Calligrapher' for luxury brands including Jo Malone, Tom Ford and Creme de la Mer and clients like the BBC, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and Rolls Royce. Her best-selling greetings cards, wedding stationery and calligraphy kits can be found in high street shops, online and overseas, and her sell-out calligraphy workshops for adults and children are run from her beautiful industrial studios in West Sussex.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Weldon Owen (October 9, 2018)
  • Length: 112 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781681884257

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