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56 Cruel Jokes in 12 Fun Flavors

Foreword by Anthony Jeselnik

Sadism on a stick!

Get ready for the bitter taste of SchadenFreezers! This dark twist on your favorite frozen treat has some serious bite. From racist grandmas to underappreciated janitors, no one is safe in this compilation of colorfully depraved jokes!

What kind of sandwich does a ballerina eat? (Yeah right.)

Why did the circus close? (A long, chilling list of animal rights violations.)

How many lives does a cat have? (Only one.)

"The jokes are hilarious...Jason Kreher and Matt Moore just ruined some kid's whole summer. Whole childhood probably." --Anthony Jeselnik

"This book is seriously next level crazy town insanely pumped up disturbingly funny. If you have a mean bone in your body that bone will not want to put down this book. If you don't have a mean bone then maybe you should buy this book for your somewhat mean aunt." --Todd Selby