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Sanctum Genesis

Illustrated by Stefano Raffaele

Aleppo, Syria, 1934. Following a major archeological discovery, German soldiers from the esoteric branch of the Nazi party forcibly take over the site and hold the French-led archeological team hostage. The Nazis are after an ancient weapon that they hope can further their world conquering plans, but in the process of uncovering it they awaken Môt, a primeval divinity that proves utterly impossible to control. A tale of suspense, action-adventure, and horror for fans of Indiana Jones and Lovecraftian horror.

Christophe Bec is a writer and artist. Born in France, he spent the first few months of his life in Morocco due to his parent’s work. Attracted to comics from an early age, he began his career by producing fanzines, one of which earned a Best Fanzine nomination at Angoulême Comics Festival. He joined the Comics School of Angoulême the next year. Known for the art behind “Absolute Zero”, “Sanctum” and “Prometheus”, he is also the author of “Pandemonium”, “Shadows of Salamanca” and “Carthago”. “Sanctum” earned him nominations for Best Comic Album at both the Cognac Detective Film Festival and the Jules Vernes Film Festival. He also won the Uderzo Prize for his series “Lent”.

Stefano Raffaele was born in Milan and made his professional comics debut as an artist with the series Lazarus Ledd, written by Ade Capone, for Star Comics. With Capone, he also created the mini-series The Power and the Glory, the first Italian superhero comic. In 1995, Raffaele began working for the American market, with stints on Hawkeye and X-Factor. He set up his Quantumdream studios in 2001 and created his first solo project, Loving Dead (also known as Fragile), in 2003. In the mid-2000s, Stefano migrated to the European market where he teamed up with scribe Christophe Bec to create the horror series Pandemonium, based on the Waverly Hills Sanatorium legend. The project served as a launching pad for an on-going collaboration with the prolific Bec, including another horror outing, The Shadows of Salamanca, also published by Humanoids.