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Sacred Sexual Union

The Alchemy of Love, Power, and Wisdom

Published by Destiny Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster



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About The Book

Experience the orgasmic rapture of Sacred Union with your Twin Soul and the Divine

• Includes practices in sacred sexuality, emotional intimacy, and soul awareness to awaken the Love, Power, and Wisdom of your soul, attract your Twin Soul, and satisfy your soul’s longing to reunite with God

• Draws on teachings from Gnosticism, Sufi mysticism, the Kabbalah, Kundalini yoga, sexual shamanism, the Egyptian Mystery schools, and Christ Consciousness

• Offers examples of Sacred Union, including Jesus and Mary Magdalene and Rumi and Shams as well as experiences of modern couples

Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Rumi and Shams, King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, Isis and Osiris--in these sacred unions we recognize the merging not only of Twin Souls but also of these lovers with the Divine. In Sacred Sexual Union, Anaiya Sophia shows this Holy Marriage, complete reunification with your Twin Soul and God, is not a secret reserved for the initiated or a tradition lost to the ages. It is a potent, living spiritual path enabling two beloveds to experience the primordial state of creation as one soul blessed by the Divine Light and Love of their Creator.

Drawing on teachings from Gnosticism, Sufi mysticism, the Kabbalah, Kundalini yoga, sexual shamanism, the Egyptian Mystery Schools, and Christ Consciousness, the author reveals the complete alchemical process of Sacred Union. She provides physical, meditative, and psychological practices that combine sacred sexuality, emotional intimacy, and transparent soul awareness to awaken the magnetic energies of your soul, draw your Twin Soul to you, and, with Twin Souls reunited, experience the passionate rapturous remembrance of becoming one with God. She explores ancient writings and rituals of Sacred Union--known as Hieros Gamos in ancient Sumeria, Sacred Marriage in the Kabbalah, Yab Yum in Tibetan Buddhism, and the Bridal Chamber in Gnostic Christianity--and offers examples of Sacred Union throughout the ages, including experiences from her own spiritual journey.

More than a meditative or yogic practice, Sacred Sexual Union offers a transformative spiritual path to embrace the threefold flame of Power, Love, and Wisdom and satisfy your soul’s longing for wholeness and reunion with the Divine.


Chapter 3
Sacred Sexuality
The First Trimester

Tell me friends--is there one among you who would not awake from the slumber of life if love touched your soul with its fingertips?

Who among you would not sail the distant seas, cross the deserts and climb the top most peak to meet the woman whom his soul has chosen?

What youth’s heart would not follow to the ends of the world the maiden with the aromatic breath, sweet voice and magic soft hands that had enraptured his soul?

What being would not burn his heart as incense, before God who listens to suffocations and grants his prayer?

Kahlil Gibran,
“At the Door of the Temple”

The essence of this chapter can be sensed in the above quotation from Kahlil Gibran. In many ways we are now standing at the entrance to the temple. Here is where we fully engage the first step toward sacred union. Even though this chapter is devoted to sexuality, this is not the sacred union process; until we reach the end of this book we are still walking the path of full preparation to enter such an initiation.

This first step, which in itself contains many smaller steps, is the conscious entrance into the first aspect of the threefold flame--power. This power is the fullness of your sexuality. Now that you have moved through the seven gates individually, you and your beloved are ready to merge your sexual energies together to creatively forge a vessel, a container that will act as a powerful anchor for both of you. This conduit will ground the energies as you proceed through sexual union toward the divine union of heart and soul.

In this first step the sexual act becomes a process of igniting the energetic pathways of the seven gates, leading toward the grand opening of the womb--the cosmic keeper of the grail. Because it is a gateway to profound realms and dimensions, the womb births new codes of evolution and progressive patterns of development into the human collective consciousness. In my opinion the womb births states of consciousness that actually shift the collective field. Therefore it is through women that the more elevated and conscious developments of our species shall be birthed. A man will be able to foresee the intelligence needed for our progression, but until he is in sacred union with a woman, his rate of progression will never know the speed and grace that is possible when they are together. The feminine principle is designed to ground us and bring forth the embodied Earth. When a woman consciously attends to this process, the results are awe inspiring.

When two people come together consciously, after the process of healing and igniting the seven gates as well as authentically transforming all gender wounds, then they can truly meet in sexual union, exactly as we once did in the metaphorical Garden of Eden. The threefold flame (power, love, wisdom) is the map of how to return to the living Garden of Eden, which has not gone anywhere, despite the eons we have been lost in separation since the Fall. Despite the tremendous ramifications of not embracing the feminine principle for so long, the garden still patiently awaits us. Deep inside we all feel an intensely lonely longing to return home, and we can by applying the healing balm of love to our shared wounds and loss.

If we fell together from the Garden of Eden, then surely it is together that we shall return. As we ate from the apple of wisdom (Sophia) we were granted the experience to know what the gods and goddesses know--that the nature of existence is both light and dark. In my opinion this is the same path that Sophia took, hence the apple being a symbol for wisdom. Sophia, the incarnate God the Mother, descended to Earth to save each and every one of her children, all human souls, from any further suffering and ignorance. However, during her descent she became disconnected and blinded to her true magnificence and lost her way back home.

Like us, she temporarily forgot who she was.

In the gnostic story of Sophia we are told that God the Father sent forth the Logos, the beloved aspect of himself, to find Sophia and to reunite with her in sacred union so that they could both return home and the heavens could be filled with the presence of the Holy Sophia once again.

In my understanding of “As Above, So Below” this story clearly shows us the way back home--be it Eden, paradise, or nirvana. The way is sacred union.


There are two guardians who stand at the entrance of sacred union. One guardian contains the gateway into feminine initiation, while the other leads toward masculine liberation. You will have to move past these guardians three times during the entire process. These guardians not only protect the power of sexual union but also guard the other two aspects of the threefold flame, wisdom and love. Walking this path and confronting the guardians leads to the full expression of emotional bonding and eventually the complete merging of souls.

Every time we experience them, the penetrative process is deeper and stronger, until we have become truly liberated from our greatest fear. They stand guard for two reasons. The first reason is to determine who shall or shall not enter the process. Only the worthy and only the brave shall pass these guardians, as the fearful presence of what has to be transformed is usually enough to send many running in the opposite direction.

Second, the guardians fiercely protect those who have entered the process, keeping at bay any contrary energies, both internal and external, that may attempt to disrupt the process.

About The Author

Anaiya Sophia is a mystic, author and initiator of Sacred Marriage. She is a wellspring of both wisdom and experience and is known for her role in birthing New Paradigm Relationships, Divine Sexuality and the Awakening of the Sacred Body. Her books include Open your Heart with Kundalini Yoga, Pilgrimage of Love, Womb Wisdom, Sacred Sexual Union, The Rose Knight, and Sacred Relationships: The Practice of Intimate Erotic Love. She lives in the Occitan region of Southern France with her beloved.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Destiny Books (May 5, 2013)
  • Length: 240 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781620550076

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Raves and Reviews

“In the area of sacred union, Anaiya Sophia unveils the mystery of the soul reunification process. Her wisdom is clear and breathtakingly refreshing and simple. What a treasure! I want to give this book to everyone I know!”

– Margot Anand, author of The Art of Everyday Ecstasy

“In her book Sacred Sexual Union, Anaiya Sophia asks a question of timeless importance: ‘Is sacred union real?’ It’s clear she has also lived the question, in both ordinary and extraordinary ways, making this more than an ordinary book, but a pure expression of the search for the Beloved. You’ll find yourself on every page, since, after all, the Beloved is within you.”

– James F. Twyman, peace troubadour and author of the bestselling The Moses Code

Sacred Sexual Union is the most comprehensive, insightful, and inspiring work by Anaiya Sophia thus far! From the wounds of love to womb healing and hieros gamos, Anaiya takes readers on a healing journey deep within to answer questions about the true nature of love and what life within sacred union looks like. Pulling from great ancient records, this mystical journey connects us to the true depth of ourselves, our twin soul, and the all-encompassing love from the divine. This is a must-read for any and all on the true love, sacred union path.”

– Heather Strang, author of The Quest: A Tale of Desire & Magic

Sacred Sexual Union is a beautiful recognition and celebration of sacred union as the path to God, herself. We have been looking for God alone in meditation forever. She is not there. She is on the bridge between two hearts, awakened and illuminated by their shared breath, conscious intentionality, and authentic self-revealing. Through the merging of two willing souls, the gateway opens to the everything. There is such magic in these pages.”

– Jeff Brown, author of Soulshaping

“Regardless of your path, Sacred Sexual Union will help you discover fascinating ways to delve deeply into the mysterious crucible of love. Anaiya’s passionate guide takes you through and beyond the surface of physical love, where you can explore the magical realms of sexual union.”

– Amara Charles, author of The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka

“Gnosticism, the Kabbalah, Kundalini yoga and other teachings are used to explain that sacred union is real and within reach, in our own lives. The core teachings are based on a triumvirate of power/sacred sexuality, love/emotional intimacy and wisdom/soul consciousness. Within this book you will discover the paths to this experience and a profound transformation to your life.”

– Awareness Magazine, May 2013

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