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Rush: The Making of A Farewell to Kings

The Graphic Novel

Foreword by Terry Brown / Illustrated by Juan Riera and Ittai Manero

Officially licensed RUSH graphic novel chronicling the making of Rush’s classic album “A Farewell to Kings.”

RUSH, the well-known Canadian power trio, is one of the most influential rock bands of all-time, with more than 40 million records sold worldwide. This epic, fully authorized graphic novel chronicles the birth of Rush’s classic album “A Farewell to Kings”. Relive the trials and triumphs alongside Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, and Neil Peart as they create the masterpiece of progressive rock that gave birth to “Closer to the Heart” & the majestic “Xanadu”. The book features artwork and storytelling from Fantoons, with new input from Alex Lifeson (Rush guitar player) and Terry Brown (the producer of the album). 

David Calcano is the founder and creative director of Fantoons, an animation studio based in Los Angeles. David was born in Caracas, Venezuela and has been watching cartoons ever since he was inside his mom’s belly. As an adult, he moved to the UK, where he worked as a systems engineer until he realized his true calling: to build an animation studio, create cartoons, and publish books that merge music and creative art. Throughout his career, David has worked hand-in-hand with some of the top companies and musical artists around the world, including Motörhead, The Walt Disney Company, Rush, Frank Zappa, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, Mr. Big, Universal Music, Steve Martin, and Poison. 

Lindsay Lee is an artist and writer for Fantoons, as well as an online freelance artist and designer. Lindsay was born in Florida, and has been drawing questionable content ever since she could hold a pencil. She currently lives in Tennessee, and when she's not busy keeping herself from freezing to death, she is working fastidiously on her own original comic. Lindsay thanks the Lord for the privilege of working with the amazing folks at Fantoons, helping to create material for the greatest artists in the cosmos.

This fully-authorized graphic novel reveals all the details behind the scenes (from heated discussions over the direction of the album to candid, share laughs between the guys) in a vivid, full-color comic book.


Surprising, really, just how much this graphic novel brings new, highly enjoyable dimensions to the story behind the making of Rush's landmark fifth album [A Farewell to Kings]

– James McNair, PLANET ROCK

The Making Of A Farewell To Kings is a must have for any Rush fan. Like the music of the band themselves it’s done with the greatest quality, attention to detail and humor. A great graphic novel and fun read!

– Eddie Trunk

The story of the making of A Farewell to Kings has been told before, but never in such a fresh and unique way. The format "fits" Rush and their fans perfectly, and FANTOONS literally brings the story to life with this graphic novel.  It's a welcome addition to the Rush library, and a must read for any Rush fan.

– Ed Stenger, Rush Is A Band Blog