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Return to the Big Fancy

A Riotous Descent Into the Depths of Customer, Corporate, and Coworker Hell



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About The Book

Bigger, Fancier, and more cutthorat than ever!

When Freeman Hall left The Big Fancy to pursue his screenwriting dreams, he thought the horrors of working in a handbag department were finally over. But instead of fame and fortune, he found himself stuck behind a wall of script-killing rewrites, unable to make a living.

In Return to the Big Fancy, Freeman shares his wildly entertaining journey back through the fiery gates of Retail Hell. He thought he had seen it all in his day, but with the bar set higher than ever before, employees are now graciously bowing before Corporate as they climb over fellow salespeople, and even friends, to earn enough transactions and commissions to actually survive. As he learns more of the wretchedness that has befallen the sales floor, he realizes that The Big Fancy has its customers and its employees on a short leash. But leave it to Freeman and the threat of disappearing commissions to rally the retail slaves and show Corporate who's really in charge!

About The Author

Author of the acclaimed memoir Retail Hell, Freeman Hall spends his days running popular blogs and dogwalking his neighbor's adorable canines. He is also the author of Little Monster HellDiscount Hell, and Return to the Big Fancy.

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Raves and Reviews

"Author Freeman Hill is profound in this book. His observations and his propensity for nickname-giving are both hilarious, [and] there are a few genuinely wonderful moments at the store. If you're getting malled this holiday season, you'll need a laugh, and Return to The Big Fancy packs a lot of extras." --The Bookworm Sez, LLC/Washington Blade

"Funny and relatable...Hall's stories of life in The Big Fancy will resonate with readers who have worked in retail." --Graffiti WV

"Anyone who has ever worked retail will simultaneously understand where Hall is coming from and laugh hysterically at the tales within Return to the Big Fancy. And if you haven't worked retail, hopefully it will help you put yourself in the shoes of those people ringing up your purchases the next time you go shopping." --The Randy Crazy Thoughts of Mandy blog

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