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Pokémon Alola Region Activity Book

Published by Pikachu Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Visit a Tropical Wonderland with Activities Featuring Alola and Its Pokémon!


The newest activity book for every Pokémon fan visits the Alola region! Do some island-hopping for ever-changing fun, and say hello to the Island Guardians plus amazing Mythical and Legendary Pokémon! There’s something here for every Pokémon Trainer, from the young novice to the seasoned fan!

Inside, you’ll find activities featuring Pokémon on each island, plus Pikachu-themed puzzles and first partner Pokémon from Rowlet to Litten to Popplio, sticker activities, and more!

Show off your Pokémon knowledge, and triumph over more than a dozen types of brainteasers and activities with the Pokémon Alola Region Activity Book today!

Puzzles * Mazes * Move Matches * Who’s That Pokémon? * Crosswords * Type Matchups * Acrostics * Word Searches * And Much More!

Includes 96 pages of Activities and 12 bonus Sticker Activity pages! 

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