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Plant-Based Intermittent Fasting

Recipes and Meal Plans for Sustained Weight Loss, a Healthy Metabolism, and Clarity of Mind

This complete 14-day plant-based intermittent fasting program will help you achieve the long and healthy life you’ve always dreamed!

Finding balance in all aspects of life relieves discomfort, restores functionality, and helps sustain and maintain the wellbeing of the mind, body, and soul. But it can be a challenge to find a diet and exercise plan that’s compatible with your hectic lifestyle. Nutritional therapist Libby Limon believes intermittent fasting is the key to living your best life!

In this meat-free but protein-rich diet plan, you will eat two or three times within 8 hours and fast for the remaining 16 hours. Plant-Based Intermittent Fasting means no hunger or feelings of being bloated but instead gives you strength and clarity of body and mind. As a bonus side effect, the pounds will drop away as a result of a more efficient metabolism and a stronger immune system.

The combination of a whole meal plant-based diet and the specially developed meal planners makes Plant-Based Intermittent Fasting an effective and successful solution to healthy eating and losing weight.

Libby Limon, nutritional therapist and yoga teacher, calls herself a “real-life Gwyneth Paltrow.” Based in London, she’s been featured in GlamourWomen’s Health, and HuffPost.