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Planet Earth

Discover the Wonders of Our World

Published by Little Genius Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster



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About The Book

Let’s Explore Earth!
A beautifully illustrated introduction to Earth and the events that shaped the history of our planet.

From the beginnings of the solar system and the formation of Earth to a closer look at our oceans, life cycles, climates, biomes, natural phenomena and disasters, and more, Encyclopedia of Earth guides us through a comprehensive introductory geological history and the evolution of living things. Utilizing a fun mix of full-color illustrations and photographs along with bite-sized tidbits of information that educate without being overwhelming, this book culminates in a call to action in the fight against climate change as well as helpful information on how we can all pitch in to care for our beautiful planet—giving children the tools they need as the contemplate their own place in this fascinating world of ours.

Features: Timelines, charts, full color illustrations, fun infographics, and a two-page quiz at the end to test childrens' knowledge.

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