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Petroff's Defense (Tournament)

An excellent practical opening for club and tournament players alike, learn the strategies behind Petroff’s Defense in this guide from a duo of elite chess players.

In this completely revised and rewritten edition of the 1983 original, learn new techniques and tactics from the same trusted authors. The earlier edition of the Petroff has been enriched by the introduction of many new tactical variations, often involving castling on opposite sides, making it an ideal weapon for the counter-attacking player.

The Petroff Defense shares tips on an opening move that is reliable at the highest levels and a favorite of such great players as Anatoly Karpov, Jan Timman, and Artur Yusupov. With all the important variations covered in depth with many new suggestions and improvements from Gyözö Forintos and Ervin Haag, this book is sure to lead to conversation among those with adventurous ideas over the many unexplored areas of this move.

Ervin Haag is an International Master, chess editor, and trainer.

Gyözö Forintos is a Grandmaster and one of the most experienced internationals of the famous Hungarian chess school. He is a former Hungarian Champion and has represent his country in six chess Olympiads.