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Passion's Shadow

Fall into the passions of a love triangle as a mother and daughter find themselves in love with the same woman in this romantic and chic tale of addiction in multiple forms.

Lindsay Brennan is a Portland architect whose devotion to her work takes the place of all other things in her life. Sondra Pinchot, an interior designer, has always depended on the comfort of alcohol when things became too much. Her dutiful daughter, Samantha, is trapped in the affair of her mother’s alcoholism as it has become a natural habitat.

When Lindsay and Sondra begin work on a project together, they find themselves in a sparking romance that is hard for either of them to deny. But when Sondra’s alcoholism lands her in a rehabilitation center and Samantha takes her place on the project, sparks fly between Lindsay and Samantha, igniting an intense relationship.

As fate brings the three women together and their private addictions give way to deeper passions, they learn that sometimes love can be the most dangerous addiction of them all.