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From the outside it looked like a perfect world of an exclusive neighborhood, fancy cars, and wealthif only they knew.

On the outside, Kevin Davis's life leaves nothing to be desired. Living in a world of luxury, comfort, and money, it seems he has everything he could ever want and need. But on the inside, Kevin hides the verbal, physical, and sexual abuse he endures at the hands of his perfect man— James Lancaster, the ambitious CEO of a rising Houston software firm. Entangled in a dark web of love, violence, depravity, and torment at the hands of his lover, the only way Kevin can free himself is to overcome his personal demons. In a psychological battle of wills, who will be the ultimate victor?

Lee Hayes is the author of Passion MarksA Deeper BlueThe Messiah, The Bad Seed, The First Male, and the editor of Flesh to Flesh, an erotica anthology. He is a native Texan and was awarded a master’s degree in public administration from Baruch College in 2005. He resides in the Washington, DC area.

"Passion Marks is a...fine debut by first-time author Hayes."

-- Lisa C. Moore, publisher, RedBone Press

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