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Party Brazil Phrasebook 2014

Slang, Music, Fun and Futebol

With this book in hand you can get off the sideline and join the local Brazilians as they party during World Cup 2014. Chock-full of up-to-date slang phrases, after-hours expressions and insider information on futebol, this book will have you cheering, dancing, drinking and celebrating with the die-hard fans of the beautiful game.
You’re sure to have the most memorable World Cup ever as you toss out phrases like:

What’s up, man?
Iaí, cara?

Can I join your pickup game?
Posso bater uma pelada com vocês?

Where is a cool bar to watch the game?
Onde tem um barzinho legal pra assitir o jogo?

Next round’s on me.
A proxima rodada é minha.

We’re all going to an underground dance club, wanna join?
A gente vai pra um baile funk, tá afim?

That girl in the VIP section is super hot.
Aquela mina no camarote é muito gostosa.

Let’s sleep off our hangovers at the beach.
Vamos curar a ressaca na praia.