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Oneness and Separateness

From Infant to Individual

Closely observed and beautifully written, Oneness and Separateness is a classic study of the inner emotions and experiences of a child’s earliest life.

Award-winning author Louise Kaplan explores the journey each baby makes from oneness with his mother to a “second birth” as a unique psychological being who begins to comprehend the difference between “I” and “you.”

Using concrete examples, Dr. Kaplan takes parents through each phase of a baby’s life, and describes what the child is thinking and feeling, explaining the meaning behind universal childhood behavior, such as the first smile, the “peek-a-book” game, and temper tantrums.

Louise Kaplan is the author of five books, including Adolescence and No Voice is Ever Wholly Lost, as well as many articles on human development. She lives in New York City.

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