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Omni Vol. 2

No More Hate

Illustrated by Enid Balám and Giovanni Valletta

A young African-American doctor suddenly and mysteriously gains incredible abilities that put her at the forefront of human evolution.

Dr. Cobbina, able to think at the speed of light and instantly diagnose any situation, heads an enigmatic corporation known only as OMNI, giving her the resources she needs to search for others like her. She’s on a quest to learn the origin of her new powers—but, along the way, discovers that the fate of the entire world may rest on her shoulders!

Collects Omni #5-10

A playwright, film and TV Writer/Director, Melody is currently in the HBO Access writing program, for which she is developing a TV pilot. She is winner of the 2018 Grand Jury Prize for Best Screenplay at Urbanworld Film Festival for her feature drama Northern Cross. A recipient of fellowships from AMC Networks Shudder Labs, NY Stage & Film, and the Writer’s Lab, Melody won the Tangerine Entertainment Fellowship at Stowe Story Labs in 2017. Her supernatural thriller The Sound of Darkness was a 2018 Athena List Finalist. Her short documentary, Detained, was Winner of a 2018 IndieFest Award of Recognition and an Award of Excellence from Docs Without Borders. A 2018 Sundance and Showtime Episodic Lab Semi-Finalist with her supernatural TV pilot Sundown, Melody is currently developing a sci fi project with producers Jane Fleming and Mark Ordesky (Lord of the Rings films). The daughter of science and english teachers, and the sister of a Marvel comics writer, Melody was weaned on sci fi, horror and comic books. She is also a playwright whose work features diverse characters and strong female protagonists. Her first stage play, Day of Reckoning, about the 19th century Black activist Lucy Parsons, won the Jane Chambers Award, was produced in NYC and Miami, and is being considered for a film adaptation by director Boots Riley (Sorry to Bother You). Sweet Mercy, her play about the genocides in Rwanda and Darfur, was developed by NY Stage & Film, starring Danai Gurira (The Walking Dead and Black Panther). Melody received a Ford Foundation grant to travel to Rwanda to research the play. Melody was recently selected for a summer 2019 writer’s residency at Yaddo in Saratoga Springs as well as a month-long writer's residency in Italy at Bogliasco, which she will attend in January 2020. Melody is repped by CAA, lives in NY and travels monthly to LA.

Enid currently lives in México city and has his Master's in Artistic Production at the Autonomous University (MaPA) of the State of Morelos, México. His graphic work mostly explores the idea of the future, presenting us with the perception of a fore-coming age of ruins, the morning after the great disaster: the end of humanity as we know it. In this obsession to inquire about cataclysm, Enid offers us visions of a conglomerate world, a melting pot of cultures located on a planet in misery; his drawings describe a Third World futurism. Before becoming a full artist, developing his skills as penciller and inker, Enid worked as a colorist for Delcourt. In 2018, he finished his first graphic novel as an author, Someday Comes Paradise, commissioned by an L.A. private studio. Currently he is working for Delcourt, Humanoids, and Sergio Bonelli publishing house in Italy.

Born in Caracas Venezuela, Giovanni attended the Caracas institute of Design to study Illustration and also took sculpting classes at Centro Art with Illustrator and sculptor Jesus Pastore. After graduating from the Kubert School in 2010, Giovanni began working for Tell-A-Graphics doing projects for PS Magazine under the great Joe Kubert and as a background artist for various artists in the industry. His work has been published by Marvel (X-men Blue, X-men Gold), Dynamite entertainment (Pathfinder-Tarzan, John Wick, James Bond), BOOM! studios (Eternal), Darkhorse presents ( The White Suits. He has also worked for a successful kickstarter project called Bleedback. He has been teaching at the Kubert school since 2012.


"The Future of Comics.”


"Cecelia is a confident and engaging character that you immediately want to see succeed."


“Immediate and relevant.”


“If you are bored of the standard capes and cowls narratives from the Big 2 publishers and fancy something different, then Omni and the Ignition Universe is for you.”


“The art by Alitha E. Martinez is fantastic.”