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About The Book

Nicolas Graves raised his sons to be lobstermen. Bill and Joshua (known as Jonah) Graves grew up aboard their father's boat--the Cinderella--learning the rules and rites of the antiquated business they love. But when their father is lost at sea and the price of lobster crashes worldwide, Bill and Jonah must decide how much they are willing to risk for their family legacy.

Standing against them is Osmond Raymond--former Calvinist minister, mystic, captain of the Sanctity, and their father's business partner for more than twenty years. Together with his grandson and heir, Julius, Osmond is determined to push the Graves family out of their lobster pound, regardless of the cost or the consequences.

Praise for Of Sea and Cloud

"A gorgeously written exploration of faith and loyalty, love and dishonesty... I will never forget these characters, these waters, or the harrowing dramas unfolded upon and beneath them." --Anthony Doerr, author of All The Light We Cannot See

"Exquisitely well-written, relentlessly compelling, this story of fathers and sons and lovers, of love and greed and betrayal, elevates the desperate lives of lobstermen into Shakespearean tragedy. This novel set its hooks quickly, and held me rapt until the brutal, beautiful, end. Of Sea and Cloud is timeless drama of the highest order, both thrilling and wise, and Jon Keller is an extraordinary new voice in fiction." --Alan Heathcock, award-winning author of Volt

"...dark, poetic, and at turns terrifying. Set against the harsh Maine coast, it tells the story of a people inextricably connected to their land, and of what happens when that land is threatened. Ultimately, this is a novel about love in all its forms and failures." --Abi Maxwell, author of Lake People

"A bleak and beautiful story of a family of fog-shrouded lobstermen caught in the heavy vice of change, told in a voice that is part Dennis Lehane, part Melville, part Homer, and all Jon Keller. The book's dark mystic, Osmond Randolph, will haunt me for weeks to come." --Christian Kiefer, author of The Infinite Tides

"Of Sea and Cloud is a remarkable read, a first novel that captures a blood and breath drama that is both gripping and evocative." --Debra Magpie Earling, author of Perma Red

"With measured and powerful prose, Jon Keller writes a timeless story of manhood, loss, and the bonds of family." --Chris Offutt, author of No Heroes: A Memoir of Coming Home

"...a bone-chilling story of brotherhood, trust, and betrayal. It belongs in the canon of great American maritime novels alongside Hemingway and Melville." --Tyler McMahon, author of How the Mistakes Were Made and Kilometer 99

About The Author

Jon Keller holds an MFA from Boise State University. After graduate school, he moved to the coast of Maine and spent several years working aboard a lobster boat and writing for a commercial fishing newspaper. He is now a clam digger on the coast of Maine.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Gallery Books (June 1, 2014)
  • Length: 320 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781440580239

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Raves and Reviews

"The rich lore of the Maine lobstermen combines with an energetic narrative and muscular prose to make Keller's fiction debut a winner." --Publishers Weekly

"The death of a fisherman...sparks a deadly feud in this...tale that vividly portrays...the unexpected beauty...of Downeast Maine.... Keller builds suspense slowly but inexorably...about what will happen when his fiercely independent sons find out how he died." --Kirkus Reviews

"Keller's debut novel examines the tough and hardscrabble world of Maine fishing families. With Shakespearean overtones, Keller's immersive story examines the difficult choices that are made when a family legacy is at stake. His well-crafted narrative builds into an epic story of addiction, greed, betrayal, and the vast power of the sea." --Library Journal

"I found myself swept away with the first stroke of the oar... So accurate and compelling that I couldn't put the book down.... The writing sings...[Keller] wraps you in the web of his fine prose... Of Sea and Cloud makes an excellent read that I highly recommend." --Fishermen's Voice

"Keller is masterful at timing his twists and plot reveals, and I found it difficult to set the book aside. The nuts and bolts of the lobster fishing business are fascinating.... I am eager to see what he comes up with next." --Missoula Independent

"This is lobstering like you've never known or experienced it.... Jon Keller's awesome novel, Of Sea and one you won't forget.... I was...captivated by Keller's descriptions of the lobstering life." --Bangor Daily News

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