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This furiously paced, nail-biting psychological thriller tells the story of a serial killer with a fastidious pattern of abducting young boys until his method is derailed when he mistakenly kidnaps a nine-year-old girl.

Known as the Chocolate Man, he is a traumatizing and methodical serial killer that steals little boys and kills them, thriving on the mothers’ anguish. He has abducted seven young boys so far, but when he mistakenly abducts a little girl, his entire plot is thrown off.

Desperate and confused, the obsessive psychopath behind the identity of the Chocolate Man doesn’t know what to do next…and neither do the police.

As police scramble to predict his next move, terrified yet resourceful Emily Lookinland struggles to survive the clutches of a madman who is both a grown-up monster and a lonely child. Emily’s grief-torn mother, caught in the middle of it all, is propelled by vengeance and hope as she will stop at nothing in her fight to rescue her daughter.