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Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles, the internationally recognized next generation thought leaders, redefine what’s possible in relationships, career, and life.

Alexi and Preston went through periods in each of their lives where they felt like they were doing all the right things, but never got the desired results. They read all the best books in self-empowerment and positive thinking, took classes, and sought advice, but there was always something missing. After all of their soul-searching and personal development, they realized that they were missing a connection between mind, body, and soul.

Based on their 12-week successful online program The Bridge Method, Now or Never combines the couple’s years of training into five principles that can help you navigate the real world, learn how to overcome your inner obstacles, and become your best self. Filled with narratives and stories from the duo’s own lives as well as from those they have helped along the way, Now or Never shares exercises, insights, and challenges to help you attain the personal freedom you have always been seeking.

If you want to lead an ideal life, you must become the best version of yourself. Alexi and Preston can be your guides. Choose your life. It’s now or never.

Photograph by Jennifer Jules Hart

Alexi Panos has inspired hundreds of thousands of people toward a life of personal fulfillment through her various business, multi-media, and philanthropic platforms. Her new transformational methodology she co-created called The Bridge, is making waves all over the world for is revolutionary new take on radical self-development.  In 2005, Alexi Panos cofounded the non-profit organization E.P.I.C. (Everyday People Initiating Change) which brings safe, clean drinking water to those in need in parts of the developing world. Named as one of Origin Magazine’s Top 100 Creatives Changing the World, winner of Elixir Magazine’s Millennial Mentor Award, and dubbed one of “11 Noteworthy Millennials” in the Huffington Post, Alexi is truly shaking things up with her passionate and energetic delivery, making a unique mark on the world. Connect with Alexi at

Photograph by Justin Butts

Preston Smiles has a large dedicated following on his YouTube channel and has been featured in LA Weekly, Los Angeles Magazine, and Origin magazine. He is also a regular contributor to Huffington Post, The Daily Love, Good Guy Swag, and has appeared on top podcasts such as Lewis Howes’s The School of Greatness and Addicted2Success. He recently won Elixir Magazine’s  Millennial Mentor Award and is also one of the youngest members of ATL (Association of Transformational Leaders), founded by Jack Canfield.

"Alexi and Preston are this generations power couple!  They set the example of how to create the life you were born to live while spreading joy, love, and childlike adventure to the world. Simply being around them inspires me to live bigger;   immerse yourself this book as it will guide you to create meaningful impact along your heroic journey."

– Lewis Howes, New York Times bestselling author, The School of Greatness

Alexi and Preston are a force to be reckoned with! Consider this book a must-read for anyone wanting to create deep, lasting change...and have a blast while doing it. 


– Jake Ducey- Author of "Purpose Principles"&"Profit From Happiness"

With sharp wit, incredible information, and applicable tools, NOW OR NEVER delivers a one-two punch that will level up all areas of your life.



– Light Watkins- Founder of The Shine Movement

“If you are ready to step into your FULL potential now and finally let go of what is holding you back, then you have a Divine appointment with this book.  Preston and Alexi are your loving, compassionate and wise guides that remind you of the Truth of who you are and offer tangible ways to get out of your own way.  This book will shake you up in the best possible way and unlock the possibility that is your birthright.”

– Christine Hassler, Best-selling author of Expectation Hangover, Master Coach and Speaker