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No Fear In My Classroom

A Teacher's Guide on How to Ease Student Concerns, Handle Parental Problems, Focus on Education and Gain Confidence in Yourself

Teachers have a lot to worry about—from classroom management to school violence to job security to national mandates. Lucky for them, this book helps relieve those fears and allows them to focus on what they’re supposed to be doing—teaching. With a friendly, accessible format, teacher-turned-author Frederick Wootan supplies solutions to his fellow educators’ fears, like:

  • Are their students actually listening to them?
  • Are they being fair about grading?
  • What can they do about overly aggressive parents?
  • How are budget cuts going to affect their classroom?
  • What’s to stop them from being laid off?

With this book, teachers will build their confidence, take back their classrooms, and put the emphasis back on education.

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