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A Beginner's Guide

Discover the truth about the much-misunderstood thinker

Often quoted yet highly divisive, Nietzsche remains an enigma long after his death. This clear primer moves deftly through the controversy to examine the philosopher's work in the context of his tumultuous childhood and Christian upbringing. Discussing his infamous declaration that God is dead, his posthumous association with Nazism, and his criticisms of conventional morality, this book is the ideal introduction to the much debated thinker and his extensive legacy.

Robert Wicks is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Auckland, new Zealand. He specialises in Continental European philosophy and philosophical aesthetics, and has published both books and articles in these areas, including 'Nietzsche' (Oneworld 2002).

"A sympathetic, measured interpretation of his most difficult and notorious teachings. Wicks is an able guide through the labyrinthe of Nietzsche's philosophy."

– Daniel Conway - Professor of Philosophy, Pennsylvania State University and Editor of the Journal of

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