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Naoki Urasawa's 20th Century Boys, Vol. 14

Created by Naoki Urasawa
Published by VIZ Media LLC
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

This is the story of a group of boys who try to save the world! As boys, Kenji and his friends came up with a bunch of stories about an evil organization bent on world destruction. As adults, someone is now turning their fantasies into reality!

Humanity, having faced extinction at the end of the 20th century, would not have entered the new millennium if it weren't for them. In 1969, during their youth, they created a symbol. In 1997, as the coming disaster slowly starts to unfold, that symbol returns. This is the story of a group of boys who try to save the world.

As the entire planet grieves over the death of their beloved Friend, the remaining members of his inner circle continue to silence any and all dissenters. Dream Navigator Takasu believes that once they locate Kiriko—Kanna's mother and Kenji's older sister—Manjome Inshu will finally be in a position to control the entire world. However, Manjome hasn't been the same since their Friend's passing. Will he be able to set his doubts aside and continue with the Friend's grand scheme?

Meanwhile, Kanna and company take advantage of the lax security following the Friend's passing and break into Friend Land. Their objective: to reenter the Virtual World. Feeling that Kanna's too emotionally involved, though, Yoshitsune decides to enter the game with Koizume Kyoko instead—a decision that doesn't sit too well with Koizumi. With Kanna prepared to terminate the game should things go bad, Yoshitsune and Koizumi journey back to the summer of 1971, but is it the real 1971 or just another one of the Friend's fabrications?

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