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My Grief Is Not Like Yours

Learning to Live after Unimaginable Loss—A Daughter's Journey

Published by Forefront Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

A daughter's heartbreaking and tragic story of losing her parents—and hope for those walking their own journey through grief.

Theo Boyd had always been close to her parents. Her father was a Texas peanut farmer, rancher, and preacher; her mother, deaf from a young age, was the glue that held them all together. Then one summer day in 2019, everything changed when Theo’s mother died in a tragic accident on their family farm. As Theo began to process this loss, her marriage started to unravel, adding another painful layer to her grief.

Meanwhile, Theo continued to care for her father who was shaken to his core by the tragedy. Nothing could erase the agony he felt from losing his love and soulmate of over fifty years, and one night he chose to escape his pain by ending his life. Theo suddenly had to learn to live without the two people who were her constant love and support—her parents.

In My Grief Is Not Like Yours, Theo gives an unforgettable account of how quickly life can turn to grief. Beautifully woven, this book is threaded with memories and raw emotions that are seldom discussed. Theo shows readers how she endured the unimaginable. She walks beside anyone navigating through their grief, helping them feel less alone and guiding them to hope and healing.

“We are all unique, in life and in death. We are born, we live, we die, and we grieve, but my grief is not like yours.”

—Theo Boyd

About The Author

Thelizabeth Boyd was born and raised on a farm in the small town of Whitney, Texas. Her unique name is derived from her grandmothers—Thelma and Elizabeth. In middle school, her classmates nicknamed her Theo. It stuck! 

Theo grew up writing poems with her daddy, learned faith through hardship from her momma, and finished college late in life to become a high school English and Creative Writing teacher. She was awarded Rookie Teacher of the Year her first year in the classroom while continuing to write as a guest columnist for several local newspapers.  

In 2019 a sudden and traumatic loss set the scene for her debut memoir, My Grief Is Not Like Yours. It was also the catalyst for her podcast, Think Theo, where she discusses complicated grief and the many layers of loss.

When she’s not writing, Theo can be found with her dog Manly by her side, walking the fields on the farm, planning her next podcast with a glass of wine, or enjoying an evening out with close friends. She and Manly currently live on the lake in her hometown of Whitney. 

Product Details

  • Publisher: Forefront Books (May 9, 2023)
  • Length: 256 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781637631577

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Raves and Reviews

“Theo is so honest with us that sometimes I almost didn’t want her to be because the details were so unimaginable. However, without each descriptive picture that she paints, the story wouldn’t be genuine and true. If there is anything that Theo is, it’s true. Joe Bob, Sue, and the Lord prepared Theo for the hand that she was to be dealt. The lessons she learned from her parents showed her how to live and love well . . . show up, be present for others even when it’s yucky, even when we are the yucky. I can’t wait to meet Sue and Joe Bob when I get to Heaven! I only hope the Lord lets Sue fix us some peanut brittle, and I bet Joe Bob is growing the peanuts.”

Linda Davis, Grammy Award Winner, Singer, Songwriter, and Theo’s friend

“When I read the book and heard her voice, it was like I was hearing the lyrics to a Grammy Award-winning song. Her country ‘voice’ turns these heavy topics into an uplifting, hope-filled testimonial. She invites us to join in the revelations as she helps us know we can feel love and light after grief. We can do it!”

Jackie Waldman, Author and Speaker, The Courage to Give

“Theo’s journey reminds us all that life is not fair. It can be very hard, but we have to go on because we must. Many of us have lost our parents to the inevitability of death, but not the way Theo did. Her mother dies in a tragic farm accident, her marriage crumbles, and then her dad ends his life. I love Theo’s story because I love Theo. And how can you not love someone who loves their dog?”

Dale Hansen, American Sports Commentator, Writer, Speaker, and Influencer

“Like grief, agriculture is unique to each farm and family. Agriculture has major stresses and risks both monetarily and physically. She shares her story of her family’s farm accident and the effects of grief and stress afterward. It takes great courage to open up and share such a personal journey as Theo has. Hopefully this will encourage others to be able to share and ask for help.”

John Paul Dineen, III, Founder, Texas Agriculture Memorial Day

“‘By sharing, we belong, and by belonging we can share.’ In this memoir, Theo does not hold back. Her vulnerability is palpable on every page. I found nuggets of wisdom in every chapter and have my annotations to prove it. With her words, I laughed, I cried, and I found my own healing as I remembered walking through grief in my own life. I hope others who read this book experience the same. As the title suggests, no two people grieve the same way. Yet I find it interesting how in reading one’s account of their grief, another can find healing. Their experiences are not the same, yet they have a connection. I think that’s beautiful.”

Ashley Teague, Former Colleague, High School English and Creative Writing Teacher

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