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Miracle Minded Manager

A Modern-Day Parable about How to Apply A Course in Miracles in Business

Published by Beyond Words
Distributed by Simon & Schuster



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About The Book

Readers witness fictional company president Jack MacDonald use the wisdom from A Course in Miracles to transform his company and relationships beyond anything he could ever imagine.

Written in story form, Miracle Minded Manager approachably integrates the lessons author John J. Murphy has learned in both his personal and professional life since first learning about A Course in Miracles in 2008. Murphy credits the Course for accelerating his growth and prosperity and quadrupling his business revenues within two years, and now you, too, can benefit from the blending of lessons from A Course in Miracles and Murphy’s modern-day training.

Jack MacDonald, president of TYPCO, is trying to transform his company. He’s hit a roadblock with unhelpful and defensive direct reports and ingrained systems of doing business that no longer serve. Unsure of how to continue, he turns to business consultant Jordan Mckay, who has helped Jack with management challenges in the past. Jack is surprised that instead of suggesting practical business tactics, Jordan encourages him to adopt A Course in Miracles to open his mind and let go of ego. Though at first, he’s reluctant, Jack and his wife, Judy, begin to follow the Course. The results are life changing.

About The Author

Photograph by Janice Anderson Foerch

John Murphy is the founder and CEO of Venture Management Consultants, Inc., a firm specializing in creating lean, high-performance work environments. As a business consultant, John has worked with some of the world’s leading organizations, including ADP, BMW, Chase, the Michigan State Senate, the CIA, and the US Navy. He is the author of more than nineteen books and has trained thousands of people from more than fifty countries. He lives in Palm Beach, Florida.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Beyond Words (October 22, 2019)
  • Length: 272 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781582707174

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Raves and Reviews

Miracle Minded Manager is far more than a book on management. It is a book on life. We strive so hard to achieve ego-based results in both our professional and personal capacities. In the process, we create a stress-filled life for ourselves. Through his gifted storytelling, John Murphy describes how to achieve peace and happiness outside the office, and at the same time, he artfully explains how to take those concepts into the workplace to build a stronger, more collaborative culture and team that achieves great results with reduced stress. It sounds too good to be true and perhaps even miraculous. But the teachings in this wonderful book make perfect sense. I know from personal experience, a leader who is at peace and empowers his team as Miracle Minded Manager teaches, also empowers his team to achieve great things. I have urged my family to read it. I cannot give it a higher endorsement.”

– Gary Garfield, retired chairman, president and CEO of Bridgestone Americas, Inc.

Miracle Minded Manager is a must-read for anyone who wants to improve their business or their life in general. John Murphy goes beyond standard business models to a completely different level—the only level at which real, lasting change takes place. He explains why numerous plans to create success don't work—because they try to solve the problem from the same thought-system that caused the problem. Miracle Minded Manager uses the principles of A Course in Miracles, which has healed millions of lives. As a psychotherapist for over 35 years, I have seen rapid transformations that if addressed from my previous psychological training would have taken years longer to accomplish. John Murphy has applied this new vision to the business world in an easy-to-read and understandable novel. Miracle Minded Manager contains numerous practical techniques to shift personal and workplace attitudes. Shifts in beliefs and attitudes provide the underlying impetus to grow and evolve, as opposed to behavioral changes that only address surface issues.”

– Lorri Coburn, MSW, author of Breaking Free and co-editor of A Course in Miracles and…,

“This book has come at the perfect time. I see leaders and managers seeking ways to manage stress and let go of limiting beliefs everywhere I go. In an intriguing and brilliant manner, John offers us a profound alternative, a true paradigm shift in the field of leadership and human behavior. He teaches that managing stress doesn't eliminate it because it doesn’t get to the root cause—the ego thought-system. We can diet and exercise and meditate and work harder, but until we transcend the fear-based ego, we will never delete the stress. It will just keep coming back, and we will never feel truly fearless and free. This is the shift we as leaders must make to move people from a fear-based mindset and culture to one that is genuinely inspirational. Thank you, John, for giving us this book.”

– Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times bestselling author of Triggers, MOJO, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“Society has reached a tipping point where we can no longer pretend that happiness will be achieved solely by attaining outer success. If the business world does not incorporate spirituality, then stress-related illness, depression, and even hopelessness will overtake our lives. As author John Murphy states so aptly in this monumental book, ‘It often takes a certain amount of suffering before people are ready to challenge the ego and open up to the Truth.’ Before your personal suffering becomes too great, I urge you to join Jack, the miracle- minded manager, ‘with humility and an open mind,’ on his miraculous journey to discovering how anyone can live true success, happiness, and, most of all, peace of mind and how you can share what you’ve discovered with those you love so that their lives can also be miraculous.”

– Debra Poneman, bestselling author and founder of Yes to Success Seminars, Inc.

Miracle Minded Manager is John Murphy’s best effort. The author moves you into an entirely unique and powerful dimension using A Course in Miracles as the foundation for describing the spiritual process needed for any person who truly seeks meaningful change in their personal and professional life. The genius of Murphy’s effort comes in the easy-to-understand storyline he uses to show in practical terms how to discover your own spirituality while assisting others you live and work with. Miracle Minded Manager delivers a true-life look into the daily issues each of us face and provides a practical road map for helping every business executive improve their culture from fear-based to inspired and fearless. As a founder and CEO of a high growth organization, I highly recommend Miracle Minded Manager to any executive with the courage to seek truth and meaningful change for themselves and their organization.”

– Dan Barcheski, founder and CEO of Axios HR

“I know John Murphy personally and what he shares in this book is far more than theory and entertainment. It is how he lives his life. John is one of the most authentic people I have ever met in my lifetime. He is also one of the most creative, intriguing, and inspiring people I know. He lives in peace and brings hope and peace to everyone with whom he interacts. He is by far one of the most effective business consultants I have ever met, and his ability to integrate business and spirituality is beyond anything I have experienced in my forty-five plus years as a business executive, advisor, and consultant. John is uniquely intuitive while using his proven processes and lessons to upgrade the performance of those he guides. We need the lessons in Miracle Minded Manager now more than ever. His teachings have personally transformed my life as a friend, husband, father, grandfather, business executive, and advisor. I am so very grateful for this book and the work John is doing.”

– A. P. “Skip” Aldridge III, founder, president, and CEO of Head of Sales Consulting, Inc

“John Murphy's book Miracle Minded Manager is a great read and provides a provocative system that balances the material world of business with your soul. A Course in Miracles is a way of seeing the world through divine purpose. Murphy takes those ideals and shows you with examples how to balance your everyday work with your spiritual practice.”

– Lynn Andrews, New York Times bestselling author of the Medicine Woman series

Miracle Minded Manager is a manual on living a happy and purpose-filled life in business and beyond. We are in an age where learning how to forgive, to communicate effectively, to contemplate, and to change things for the better are essential for human growth. John eloquently uses storytelling to bring the reader into a world of a struggling and stressed-out executive. Using helpful conversations and A Course in Miracles, the main character transcends what used to hinder him and rises to the occasion of president, happy and stress-free. His happiness comes from within, extends to his family and out into his business life. The story is nothing short of miraculous but also extremely relatable and actionable for any reader to understand and apply. I see this book as the new Way of the Peaceful Warrior but for business and family. I highly recommend this book to business teams, individuals, and even families who want to bring more peace, collaboration and organization to their business and their life.”

– Britney Shawley, founder and CEO of Whole & Healthy Kitchen, visionary, and teacher at Miracles of Mind

Miracle Minded Manager offers those in business a new way of looking at the world and a revolutionary system of thought and action. It’s a practical approach to business using [A Course in Miracles].”

– David Hoffmeister, author of Awakening through A Course in Miracles

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